Q & A on voter registration

Nick Bezier and Kaylee Otterbacher (Student Association President)

Q: Why should I register?

A:Voting is an important civic responsibility that we share as citizens of the United States. Additionally, as students, our elected leaders will pay more attention to issues that impact us if we  head to the polls in large numbers.


Q: How do I register to vote?

A: There are several different methods to get registered. Make sure to register before October 15th registration ends!

Method 1: Contact Nick Bezier, the Student Association’s Get Out the Vote Director, at [email protected] and ask if there are any upcoming events where registration will be available, or to set up a five-minute appointment to get registered.

Method 2: Print out an application on myvote.wi.gov and drop it off in the city clerk’s office in City Hall.

Method 3: Register on Election Day. Not recommended! Registration wait times are much longer on Election Day.


Q:What do I need to register to vote?

A: Registering to vote is easy, and only takes a few minutes! If you’ve been issued a Wisconsin driver’s license that is current and valid, the number and expiration date are needed. If you do not have a Wisconsin driver’s license, the last four digits of your social security number are needed. Additionally, the state of Wisconsin requires that you live in one place for twenty-eight days prior to voting. A proof of residency document can be found on your WINGS account on the right navigation bar under the name “WI Voter Verification”.


Q:I’ve already registered to vote in a previous election. I’m good, right?

A: Maybe. If you haven’t moved since you last registered, your registration is still valid and can be used. However, if you have moved since you last registered, you must re-register. Additionally, if your name has changed since you last registered, you must re-register with your new name. To verify the name and address where you last registered to vote, go to myvote.wi.gov and check your registration status.


Q: I last registered to vote at home. Can I vote there?

A: Absolutely! You can request an absentee ballot from myvote.wi.gov.


Q: When can I register?

A: Registration can be done by any Special Registration Deputy on and around campus before October 15th. After October 15th the voter must either go down to register at City Hall or wait and register on Election Day. Registering before October 15th using any of the methods listed above is highly encouraged.

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