News Release: ICYMI, ‘Can you stop recording?’ Wisconsin Republicans dodge reporters’ questions on guns


Photo from Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee

Katie Iliff, Guest Contributor

MADISON – In the wake of two mass shooting tragedies, Wisconsin Republicans refuse to engage in conversations on meaningful, common-sense gun reform laws. After years of blocking proposed Democratic legislation to keep Wisconsinites safe, Republicans are now resorting to ducking and dodging simple questions on the issue from members of the media.

According to reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, numerous Republican Senator declined to voice their positions on expanding background checks on gun purchases in the state. Sen. Dan Feyen (R- Fond Du Lac) not only declined to respond when questioned in person, but requested Journal Sentinel reporter Patrick Marley stop recording their conversation when asked about background checks in the halls of the state Capitol.

“An overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites, including gun owning households, support universal background checks,” said Katie Iliff, SSDC Executive Director. “Similar mass shootings like we saw in El Paso and Dayton have happened right here in Wisconsin communities like Middleton, Brookfield, Oak Creek and Wausau. Protecting the lives of our families and neighbors should be a bipartisan issue and a number one priority for senators like Dan Feyen. Refusing to answer simple questions from the press won’t keep our school children safe, only meaningful action to reform gun laws in our state can do that. It’s time for Sen. Feyen and the rest of his Republican colleagues to find the political courage to do what’s right and work with Democrats to pass meaningful reform.”

Expanding background checks remains a popular policy proposal in Wisconsin. A recent Marquette Law School Poll found 81 percent of Wisconsinites – including the vast majority of gun owners – support universal background checks and efforts to close Wisconsin’s gun show loophole.

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