The Racquet Press

2022-2023 Staff

Morgan Hose.
Executive Editor

Morgan Hose

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Austin, MN Major: Political Science and Communication Studies with an emphasis in public commun...

Andrew Bates.
Managing Editor

Andrew Bates

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: He/Him/His Hometown: Mequon, WI Major: English: Writing and Rhetoric Studies Minor: Psychology Other Campus ...

Isabel Piarulli
Multimedia Editor

Isabel Piarulli

Year at UWL: Sophomore PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Menasha, WI Major: Psychology Minor: Political Science and Communication Studies...

Elle Kramschuster
Business Manager

Elle Kramschuster

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Bloomer, WI Major: Communication Studies with an emphasis in organizational and professional communications Min...

Anna Fischer
Social Justice Reporter

Anna Fischer

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Marshfield, WI Major: Communication Studies with an emphasis in public communication and advocacy Mi...

Gianna Fussell
Sports Reporter

Gianna Fussell

Year at UWL: Junior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Middleton, WI Major: English Education Minor: Spanish Other Campus Involvement: UWL Wome...

Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: He/Him/His Hometown: West Bend, WI Major: Archaeology (Cultural Anthropology Emphasis) Minor: Art History Other Cam...

Jessica Fitzgerald
Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Jessica Fitzgerald

Year at UWL: Senior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Appleton, WI Major: English: Writing and Rhetoric Studies Minor: Communication Studies: Medi...

Jenasea Hameister
General Assignment Reporter

Jenasea Hameister

Year at UWL: Junior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Deforest, WI Major: Public Administration Minor: Legal Studies Other Campus Involvement...

Easton Moberg.
Student Government Position

Easton Moberg

Year at UWL: Sophomore PGPs: He/Him/His Hometown: Sheboygan, WI Major: Political Science Minor: Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interp...

Chloe Renzelmann.
Advertising Director

Chloe Renzelmann

Year at UWL: Junior PGPs: She/Her/Hers Hometown: Sheboygan, WI Major: Marketing Minor: Digital Media Studies & Design Other Campus Involvement: College of Business Administ...

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