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Letters to the Editor are a great way of getting your voice heard about a subject. Letters to the Editor can be emailed to [email protected]  If your external submission does not adhere to our policies and guidelines we reserve the right to deny publication. Letters to the Editor do not reflect the beliefs or values of The Racquet Press.

We invite you to submit your photos, articles, and comments in certain areas of our website. It is our hope that you’ll take the opportunity to contribute to these interactive forums and share your original content with our community. To keep these interactive forums enjoyable and interesting for all of our users, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.  


1.) You must adhere to AP Style rules.  

2.) You must include a name, email, and phone number for verification and follow-up purposes.  

3.) You must provide a suggested headline. 

4.) The Racquet Press reserves the right to edit all submitted copies for clarity and style purposes.  

5.) You agree that you are fully responsible for the content you submit, and have the permission of others who have contributed to or are featured in the content you submit. 

6.) The Racquet Press reserves the right to deny publication if:   

  • A Racquet Press staff member is already working on or has published a story on the same topic.  
  • The story does not address all sides of the issue with accuracy and clarity. (For example: the story does not employ the use of multiple sources and/or fact checking.)  
  • The story fails to employ fact-checking. 
  • The story does not address an issue the Racquet Press editors find relevant to Racquet Press readers.  
  • The story is not relevant to the UWL campus.  
  • The article will not be timely at the point of publication.
  • The article aims to degrade, defame, or promote an ill-willed manner or violates the UWL Code of Conduct as well as the Honor Code.
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Letter to the Editor