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Racquet_Icon1Grey (1)The Racquet, UWL’s student-run newspaper, is currently hiring Staff Reporters and Editors for the Fall 2018 Semester. Reporters pursue stories by doing background research, interviewing, and writing compelling articles.

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Reporter Job Description: Reporters typically receive weekly story assignments, often on Mondays, but may be asked to find and pursue their own stories. They conduct preliminary background research, and contact sources that will put together a balanced picture of the story. Face-to-face meetings are preferable, but phone conversations suffice. The reporter then creates the article using AP style and Racquet guidelines. The reporter must submit the story by deadline including at least one photo to go with the article (including the appropriate photo credit or source). Reporters are expected to communicate with their editor(s) on a regular basis and attend all mandatory meetings.

Editor-in-Chief: The Editor-in-Chief would be responsible for final paper content decisions and edits and the paper’s overall quality in collaboration with the faculty advisor. This position, in collaboration with the Managing Editor, would lead a weekly story brainstorming and planning sessions. In conjunction with the Managing Editor, they would assign stories (in place of Section Editors), work with reporters to ensure progress in the right direction, edit final copy (in place of the Copy Editor) and post stories online. The Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief can opt to divide the responsibilities of editing and assigning various sections of the Racquet such as: News, Features and Sports.

Managing Editor/Online Editor: In collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor would lead a weekly story brainstorming and planning sessions, assign stories, work with reporters to ensure progress in the right direction, edit final copy and post stories online. The Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief can opt to divide the responsibilities of editing and overseeing sections of The Racquet such as News, Features and Sports. This position also splits promoting content on social media with Multimedia Editor.

Multimedia Editor/Online Editor: Takes videos and photos, edits and posts online. The Multimedia Editor would also be in charge of updating the website (layout, updates, etc). The Multimedia Editor will split promoting content on social media with the Managing Editor and help cross promote other student media groups such as RAQ Radio and the student TV station.

Viewpoint Editor: This position is responsible for the Viewpoint section. The Viewpoint Editor would find timely opinion topics to write about and people to contribute opinions to the section. This position would also be responsible for marketing the viewpoint section to the campus community to attract more people to contribute opinion pieces. This person would also be responsible for ensuring the content submitted to the section is meaningful, relevant and important and establishing guidelines to help decide what content meets that criteria. If no content is submitted, the Viewpoint Editor would also write on a topic.

Business Manager: This position (typically a CBA student with an interest in finance) will manage payroll, billing and advertising revenue. The Business Manager is primarily in contact with The Racquet’s main advisers, Editor-in-Chief, and Advertising Director.

Advertising Director: This position sells advertising in the community to support the Racquet’s online product. Moving to an online-only format will mean that the Advertising Director will need to continue to work hard, as some of The Racquet’s current and future advertisers will not want to advertise in an online-only venue. Online ads are also traditionally less expensive than printed advertisements, which would require the Advertising Director to work with the Editor-in-Chief on restructuring advertising prices.

Reporting staff: All reporters will be required to write two, multi-sourced stories per week following correct AP style. Students will be allowed to write one story if they are covering a complex, investigative piece. All reporters will be required to take photos to accompany their stories. Reporting staff will also be required to attend a mandatory AP style workshop at the beginning of the semester, hosted by the Editor-in-Chief and other editorial staff members.

Qualifications: We encourage students of any major to apply! Passion for writing is necessary in this role. Reporters should be willing to conduct high quality interviews with appropriate sources, fully edit articles, and potentially receive critical feedback from editor(s). The ability to work independently is beneficial. For all writers, a willingness to pursue potentially complex stories, a strong general curiosity, and a love of human interaction are beneficial.


  • $24.00/week, $12.00 per article (Reporters)
  • $20.00/week plus 5% commission on all advertising sales (Advertising Director)
  • Internship credit is available upon request for any position.

If you would like to post a campus job posting to our website or have questions, please contact Noah Finco, The Racquet’s Editor-in-Chief for Fall 2018, at [email protected]

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