Letter to the Editor: Planned Parenthood advocates’ summit will engage, organize and amplify participants


Image retrieved from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin homepage.

Carly Severson, Guest Contributer

Reproductive and sexual health care is not up for debate, especially during a global pandemic.  As we continue to wrestle with the changing norms of our reality, we are battling access to basic health care. It is important that we stay informed and educate ourselves about the attacks on reproductive and sexual health. As friends, civic leaders, organizers, and compassionate human beings, I know we all find the value in knowledge to build a strong community. Together we can use our voices to defend our basic human rights and overcome the barriers so many of us face when it comes to availability and accessibility.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI is working to elect pro-reproductive and sexual health care candidates. We are excited to announce our two-day summit, Engage. Organize. Amplify., on August 8-9. This will be an educational summit where PPAWI [Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin] volunteers and supporters will come together virtually to participate in trainings, in-depth workshops, and volunteer-led actions to build power. Together we can learn to do better, be better.

Participants will leave this summit with the tools and knowledge they need to strengthen our movement’s collective impact in their communities and at the ballot box! With the election right around the corner, we need everyone’s help to protect access to birth control and other reproductive rights in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. Take the time to educate yourself on these important issues we continually face in America.  The event ‘Engage. Organize. Amplify.’ can be found on Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin’s website, where registration is free!  Elections are quickly approaching, and your voice is essential to ensure that reproductive and sexual health care remains protected.

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