Student Association meets to discuss the UW Credit Union, pool opening in Mitchell Hall, and priority registration for spring semester scheduling


Student Association logo. Image obtained from the UWL Student Association Facebook Page.

Morgan Hose, Student Government Reporter

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Association (SA) met virtually on Wednesday, Oct. 7, to discuss a variety of issues such as the operation schedule of the UW Credit Union, whether or not the pool would be opening in Mitchell Hall, and a request for student-athletes, musicians, or theatre students to be able to register early for spring semester classes.  

UW Credit Union Branch Manager and Guest speaker Bradly Jensen, came on to speak on concerns surrounding the UW Credit Union and the contingency plan put into place in the case that campus shuts down again.  

Concerns surrounding the UW Credit Union have been on where to go for banking if the Union closes, student dependency on the credit union, and if students should plan ahead in case the building does close. 

Jensen said, “if the building is closed than unfortunately we would typically be closed as well. We have a lot of students that deal in cash, there are ATM’s in the area if they need to deposit their cash. There is an ATM locator on our website,” said Jensen.  

Larry Ringgenberg, the director of University Centers, gave his advisor report. He wants students to know that the on-campus polling place has changed from the Student Union to Mitchell Hall. He recommends that students stay updated on UWL voting information specifically by following @uwl_votes on Instagram.  

Brought up in the student body forum was the topic concerning the opening of Mitchell Hall pool considering every sport other than swimming is beginning on Monday. UWL swimmer Amanda Wciorka addressed concerns on the lack of decisions being made as far as their season goes.  

The resolution requesting a four-day weekend during the spring 2021 semester in exchange for spring break being canceled was declined.  

Another topic that was discussed was about the COVID-19 Care Giving Task Force. This task force is responsible for keeping the conversation going on opinions and thoughts on mental health and how to better support students that are caregivers.  

The last topic of the night was concerning priority registering for scheduling for the spring 2021 semester. The conversation was about athletes, musicians, theatre students, and more that could possibly have a scheduling conflict with registering for classes. Asking to get priority registration came into question for making registering easier, however, people argued that would be giving special treatment and any student could argue they have a conflict as well. 

A reminder that anyone can tune in to the Student Association meetings every Wednesday at 6:00 pm via WebEx. The link to these meetings can be found here