Letter to the Editor: Vote Kind for Congress


Photo submitted by Jared Zwettler.

Jared Zwettler, Guest Contributor

Why do I support Congressman Kind? To put it simply, he is good at his job. As a Congressman, it is his responsibility to ensure that our rights and values as Wisconsinites are protected. Congressman Kind has been an active member of Congress, reaching across the aisle to gain support for his bills that benefit all Wisconsinites.

Ron has been an essential bipartisan mediator in Congress. In 2019, 37 out of 38 of Congressman Kind’s bills had one or more cosponsors outside of the Democratic party. Three of those 38 bills eventually became laws, which is more than all but six legislators.

As I college student, I admire how hard Ron has worked to make education more accessible to all Wisconsinites. People across our state struggle to afford higher education, and Congressman Kind has made great strides to increase the availability of grants in addition to lowering the cost of higher education in general.

Ron has also worked to ensure that Congress is fiscally responsible in the future. This process starts at his own office, where he has continuously stayed under budget. So far, he has saved over $2 million, which he has used to begin to reduce the national debt.

While this may only be a drop in the bucket, Ron knows the importance of working hard, planning for the future, and being responsible for our actions. These values are ones that all Wisconsinites hold dear, and that is why I will be voting Ron Kind for Congress.

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