Humans of UWL: Jake Myers


Jake Myers. Image submitted by Jake Myers.

Morgan Hose, Student Government Reporter

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse junior Jake Myers is highly involved on campus from being in Student Association to being a vanguard. Myers is originally from Madison, WI, and chose to go to UWL because of the close relationships that can be made with professors, to venture away from home, and the size of the campus.

“There is a social circle two-person rule. If you know somebody and they know somebody, then you’ll know the entire campus through mutual friends,” said Myers. “I have made friends with a lot of professors so that is very enjoyable.” UWL has a 19:1 student to faculty ratio, which Myers said is ideal for him.

Myers is a political science major with a double minor in Spanish and biology. He originally came to UWL undecided but was quickly attracted to political science classes. Despite disliking his Spanish classes in high school, he decided to give it another try in college and turned out to really enjoy it.

During the spring semester of his sophomore year, he studied abroad in Valparaiso, Chile. Upon given the option to go back home or to stay with his host family during COVID-19, Myers decided to stay in Chile with his host family. “Chile’s COVID-19 cases were stable compared to the United States at the time, the chances of me getting it were greater by trying to travel back home, so I stayed,” said Myers.

A piece of advice he wants to offer anyone considering studying abroad is to “pack clothes that you’re willing to donate. At the end of the semester, get rid of what you can, then bring back whatever you get where you’re studying abroad.” Studying abroad helped Jake to become an intermediate level Spanish speaker.  

Considering the current climate with COVID-19, Myers said he is trying to open as many doors as he can for opportunities. “I’d be really interested in living in South America again for a couple of years, then maybe coming back for grad/law school,” said Myers. “I’d really like to travel before I get old and get stuck in the workforce.”  

Myers is currently the Sustainability Director for the UWL Student Association and runs the Green Fund committee. The Green Fund committee takes the money paid through tuition to put towards sustainable initiatives to make the campus more environmentally friendly. “In the past, I completed the grant for the OZZI machine in the Union, and Andrew Ericson, Green Fund coordinator, wrote the second grant to install an OZZI machine in Whitney. This will help reduce single-use box waste that we have been seeing due to the pandemic,” said Myers.  

Myers is also a vanguard and gives tours one to two times a week to prospective UWL students. “I really like talking to people and especially because of COVID-19, I don’t get to see many people, and this way strangers have to spend time with me, it’s a blast.”

His main hobby is constantly trying new things whether that be swing dancing, intramurals, or joining a new organization. “If you don’t like it, stop doing it, but at least try it,” said Myers. Outside of campus involvement, Myers said he is an avid reader, works at Iguanas Mexican Street Café, and enjoys playing chess.   

Myers suggests getting involved because it allows you to meet new people as well as to push you outside of your comfort zone. “I am someone that will try anything once, I encourage others to try to reach out to new people and try new things,” said Myers. “I find that many people are also looking to meet new people and get involved.”