Community Spotlight Photo Series: Finnottes Nut & Chocolate Shop


Photo taken by Blake McCoy.

Blake McCoy, Photo Journalist

Finnottes Nut & Chocolate Shop opened its doors in 1986 and is a community and customer-focused sweet shop.  

The chocolate and nut shop is located on Main Street in Downtown La Crosse. “A lot of college-age students think of younger siblings, and so they like to bring treats home if they are able to go home or plan to go home for Easter,” said co-owner of the shop Laurie Finn. “They get treats for their siblings or their parents.”  

 Laurie and Frank Finn are the co-owners of the shop. Finn said that the shop’s name is a combination of two last names. “Finn, married name; Otte, maiden name,” said Finn.  

 “There isn’t any one thing that we sell over and above anything else because we have such a huge variety. We have some things that are single pieces, some things that are treats, and then it gets into the gift packages,” said Finn. “So if you just want one piece of something, that’s what you’re going to come in for.” 

Finnottes also sells items like greeting cards, ice cream treats, and soda. Finn said, “One of the things that is fantastic about our store is that we’re constantly finding new candies; new things to bring in. There’s always something interesting and new to look at.”   

Finn said that Finnottes carries specialty items and a wide variety of chocolates. “We have things that nobody has heard of before,” said Finn. “We have flavored chocolate on the malt balls, like 12 different flavors of chocolate on the malt balls; same malt ball center but instead of your basic milk chocolate you’ve got mint and cookie. It’s seriously to die for.”  

 “The mainstay for us is quality, selection, and truly personal service,” said Finn. “I’ve said, for the whole last year, anything I can do for anybody to help them out, I will do it.”  

 “We have such a huge variety,” said Finn. “We have nuts, chocolates, truffles, gummies, sugar-free, snack mixes.” Finn said, “There are so many favorites; peanut butter, caramel. There are so few places to get certain kinds of candies. We have a whole licorice section. So, if you love black licorice or red licorice, there are not many places you can find it. People know that, and they’ll come in specifically for that.”  

 Finn said that customers return to the shop year after year. “The standing joke is [my] 30 -year-old asked if I was going to make sure to get the candy from Finnottes for Easter this year.” Finn said, “There are people that come in and they have very specific things that they get every time because it’s that important.” 

 “What we have isn’t just a product. It is a part of people’s lives, and I have endless stories,” said Finn. “It’s priceless.”  

“Candy has power, and it evokes memories, and it’s magic. It’s the magic that happens when you share a treat with somebody,” Finn said. “We have so many stories and so many ways that our product has impacted people and their relationships with each other.  

“We have specifically chosen to stay small,” said Finn. “Every single customer will be treated with respect, and I’ll help them out as much as I can.”  

“There’s a new Facebook site called Access Our City, and I’ve been in touch with the people who helped get that going. They want a place where people with all abilities can go to this site,” said Finn. “They’re trying to bring to the forefront some of these issues that people have, and then what we as business owners can do differently.”  

When Easter was approaching, Finn said Finnottes has extended business hours. “The week before Easter, we add in a half-hour or an hour on several different days,” said Finn.  

“You can’t even fathom what’s in here unless you come in and see if for yourself. Everybody loves something, so you just have to come in and figure out what you’re going to treat yourself to that day,” said Finn.  

Finnottes is open Monday through Saturday, year-round. For hours and more information, check out their Facebook page or their website