Photo Series: Good places to study on campus

Pictured: Third floor of the Student Union. Photo taken by Liberti Jonas-Jongebloed.

Pictured: Third floor of the Student Union. Photo taken by Liberti Jonas-Jongebloed.

Liberti Jonas-Jongebloed, Student Government Reporter

The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse campus has places for everyone to find their perfect study spot.  

Though most of the buildings on campus have been renovated, the buildings around campus encompass UWL’s history and have served as homes for many students throughout the years. From Centennial Hall to Prairie Springs Science Center, the face of different spots to study on campus has changed as UWL has grown.  

Some of the best study spots in Wittich were once a gym, the library everyone knows now was once Florence Wings Library, and the Student Union’s home was once in Cartwright center.  

According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, the original Student Union in Cartwright Center was built in 1958 but did not open until 1959. Prior to the pandemic and until 2017 Cartwright center was the Student Union. In addition to the last Student union, Cartwright center is also home to practice facilities for UWL gymnastics and wrestling. Cartwright now serves as a testing site for UWL and the community.  

As for outside Cartwright, there are quiet and soon-to-be colorful study spots. The small waterfall outside Cartwright, in between Graff Main Hall is an optimal spot for a minute breather between classes, or an hour outside of studying. The south side of Graff Main Hall also has spots with picnic tables as well as the north side of the Wings Technology Center.  

There are views in Prairie Springs and are the perfect spots for studying at the leaves change this fall. 

As for the Student Union, there are study spots on every floor both indoors and outdoors. The area by the bluffs rooms on the third floor is quiet and has a view of the real Bluffs outside. The balcony on the second floor also has a view of the bluff and provides an eagle’s eye view of the east side of campus.  

The Student Union has many places to study on all floors but in addition to this, according to the UWL website, “The building provides opportunities for our students and our community; it has helped us to create a “campus living room” that we believe will meet the needs of not only today’s students, but the students for many years to come.” 

Most of the academic buildings on campus open at seven in the morning and close at ten at night. Additional specific hours of buildings can be found on the UWL website when you search building hours 

Though there are many spots to discover on campus, arguably one of the best spots is Wittich, said sophomore Amanda Mix when asked about her favorite study spots on campus. Mix said, she enjoys studying at Wittich because, “It feels like home, it’s always quiet and I can always catch up with someone from campus.”  

All the buildings around campus have unique communities, stories, and histories. Where will you find your community and favorite study spot at UWL?