Student Association approves changes to Election Commission bylaws


Student Association logo. Image obtained from the UWL Student Association Facebook Page.

Andrew Bates, Student Government Reporter

On Wednesday, March 2, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Association (SA) met to discuss a resolution to make several changes to the Election Commission bylaws. 

Senator Andrew Ericson authored the resolution, and he said that the changes included adjusting definitions and updating the position description of a chairperson, but there were more significant changes as well.  

Senator Ericson said that the Election Commission spoke with a UW System lawyer to review the language in their bylaws. They had to change one specific section to meet the obligations of the First Amendment, and Senator Ericson said “the Election Commission only has so much it can do, and we can’t infringe upon what people say.” 

The section was adjusted to make it clear that there would not be any consequences for campaigning outside of the allotted time, but it is still discouraged. It states the following: “Members of the Election Commission are encouraged to refrain from participating in any UWLSA campaign activity while serving on the commission, including both on and off-campus activities.” 

“What [the bylaw] used to say is if you don’t campaign within the allotted time, there will be consequences, and really we can’t do that,” said Senator Ericson.  

The resolution also amended a section to include a re-election process that was previously unmentioned so that SA would be prepared for that possibility. This change would allow the Election Commission to authorize re-election through a two-thirds vote if there were any violations committed by any parties during the election process. 

SA passed the resolution, and these changes will be instituted in the next election process.