Photo Series: UWL’s 2022 Senior Art Exhibit


Photo taken by Liberti Jonas-Jongebloed.

Liberti Jonas-Jongebloed, General Assignment Reporter

On Friday, April 29, the Center for the Arts (CFA) opened its door for “Chroma,” the 2022 Senior Art Exhibit. The exhibit can be found in the UWL Art Gallery in the CFA and it can be viewed until May 15.  Regular gallery hours are 1-8 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 1-5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The exhibit featured a variety of senior art majors including Alyssa Bronk, Olivia Bull, Gretchen Fischer, Jaden  Hering, Jessica Hubley, Caitlin Kelly, Chloe Pilsner, Alexia Rickard, Andie Saterbak, Roxanne Spielman,  and Phillip Vircks. 

One artist, Roxanne Spielman discussed her piece in the exhibit. “I’m very proud of the piece as a whole. I created a multimedia installation, so my drawings just accompany an environment that I’ve created for the viewers to sit in. I feel that I was successful in creating the environment I wanted because the mood feels right when I walk in,” she said. 

“I gather my inspiration from many sources, but, specifically for this piece, I focused on surrealism and dreaming. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, and I think it’s really interesting to make something temporary and fleeting physical by drawing it out. Four of my pieces in the senior show were depictions of dreams that I’ve had,” said Spielman. 

Spielman also discussed the need to support student artists. She said artists “are the creative minds of  our generation.” She said she’s “always impressed when viewing art created by students, whether it be high school or college.” Spielman went on to say that she thinks “students are more likely to think out of the box and come up with ideas that no one else has ever thought of.”  

Spielman discussed the importance of the CFA in supporting artists. “The CFA is important [to me] because it feels like a second home. When you spend enough time in the studio grinding to finish a final project you get awfully comfortable in the building.” With this, she said, “I appreciate the variety of classes offered to students, and the multiple studios dedicated to each medium. It’s like an artist’s playground.” 

“All of the art professors have been immensely helpful and supportive to me in creating my vision for the senior show,” said Spielman. 

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