Letter to the Editor: Support the Women of Color scholarship on Giving Day


Image provided by Ximena Herrera.

Ximena Herrera, Guest Contributor

Tomorrow, October 18, is One Day for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse – the university’s annual giving day!  Since 2018, UWL’s Student Association has raised money for our Women of Color Scholarship during this event, and this year we’re asking for your help!

If you can contribute any amount of money (even a few dollars), you can help us make sure that this important scholarship can be offered for many years to come.  You can donate here: https://uwlgivingday.uwlax.edu/giving-day/58118/donate?dept=58169

And – because we believe the Women of Color Scholarship is so important to our campus community – if it receives 15 donations of ANY size on October 18, Student Association President Grant Mathu has agreed to contribute the difference between his pay and Student Association Vice President Siri Flores (about $500) to the scholarship!

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing our link with your classmates, friends, and family.  Spreading awareness is very important, and we recognize that not everyone is able to contribute financially.  The past few years – and college in general – have been financially draining for many of us, so anything you can do will help. Thanks so much for considering!


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