UWL student opinions after voting in the Wisconsin Supreme Court elections


Photo taken by Easton Moberg.

Easton Moberg, Student Government Reporter

The Wisconsin Supreme Court elections were held this past Tuesday, April 4. The race was between Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz and former Justice Daniel Kelly. As students finished voting, the Racquet Press interviewed UWL students from each class.

Joseph Darland, First-Year Student

Joseph Darland is a 19-year-old education major at UWL from the Milwaukee area. He plans on getting his master’s in high school math education. Darland said he voted for Janet Protasiewicz.

When asked why this election is important Darland said, “This is one of the elections where the reproduction issue is a hot topic… People might be less willing to vote and get this issue done.” Darlan continued, “I think fairness is important. Reproductive rights are really important. We should not be taking away people’s choice in what they can do with their bodies. Bodies should be autonomous.”

In addition to reproductive rights, gerrymandering was another factor important to Darland this election. He said, “It would also be nice to put a stop to gerrymandering… it is something that should not be allowed to happen at all.”

Isaac Olson, Second-Year Student

Isaac Olson is a 20-year-old history major, Vice President of the club rugby team and a member of the German club. Olson waited for 30 minutes to vote and was previously registered. Olson said he voted for Janet Protasiewicz and when asked his reason for voting he said, “Both nationwide and within the State of Wisconsin, the right to a legal and safe abortion is one that should be protected and available to every citizen.”

When asked about the issues that matter most to him Olson said, “Gun safety is an issue that matters most to me, I plan on becoming a teacher down the road and with all the shootings within the past year I believe there needs to be more gun safety.”

Jenna Ceranski, Third-Year Student

Jenna Ceranski is a 21-year-old majoring in physical, adapted and school health education from Appleton, WI. When asked about the issues that matter to her, Ceranski said, “The topic of pro-choice or pro-life… personally, I am pro-choice. Which is kind of a sensitive topic for me. I used to be pro-life due to the fact that I am adopted. I looked into it, and I realized that I am very blessed to be here… My birth mom went through a very hard time making sure that I was healthy, changing my perspective on that really changed my opinion.”

“I think that it is super important that people can voice their own opinions because everyone should have them. I think that everyone should use their voice in any way that they can, especially through voting.” Said Ceranski.

Taylor Trost, Fourth-Year Student

Taylor Trost is a 22-year-old communication major at UWL from Mayville, WI. Trost plans on getting her master’s in communication studies. Trost waited in line for 15 minutes to vote. She said, “I voted for Janet Protasiewicz because they support the same causes I believe in, and I want to regain rights for women and individuals with marginalized identities.”

When asked why this election was important to her, Trost said, “I think this election has the potential to change the dynamic we have in the State Supreme Court, I don’t think I have been a part of an election where the rights were so salient. For this election, there is a clear issue at stake that directly impacts me.”

According to The Associated Press, Janet Protasiewicz has won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court defeating Justice Daniel Kelly. This result will give liberals a majority for the first time in 15 years.