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Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Phi

John Gaynor
UWL Alpha Phi President, Taylor Edmonson.

Third-year Student and President of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Alpha Phi Chapter, Taylor Edmonson never saw herself as the typical sorority girl. “I don’t think that’s a thing that most people who join Alpha Phi really ever think.” Edmonson transferred out of UWL during her first year but then returned as a second-year student. 

“I knew I wanted to try to form better, strong female relationships and be surrounded by women who would inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself,” said Edmonson. 

When Edmonson was a second-year student she went through formal sorority recruitment. “I absolutely loved getting to meet all of the chapters, but there was just something so special about Alpha Phi,” she said. Specifically, Edmonson found herself aligning with Alpha Phi’s philanthropy which supports women’s heart health. 

Aside from its philanthropy, Alpha Phi has four core values: character, innovation, generosity and sisterhood. Edmonson described these values as common goals in which Alpha Phi strives to excel.  

As the President of Alpha Phi, Edmonson works with her vice president of recruitment to meet with prospective members and recruit women into her chapter. This process of spring recruitment, known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB), is different from formal recruitment which happens in the fall. 

At UWL, the process of COB and determination of available spots in each sorority are based off of a campus total. Typically, the COB process begins during the first week back from winter break but can begin earlier if women from UWL have expressed interest in joining. 

During the COB process, women in Alpha Phi meet with potential new members (PNMs) over coffee or host events that PNMs can attend. This year, UWL Alpha Phi hosted a spring recruitment event sponsored by Amino Lean that focused on bringing in good energy and giving off good energy. 

Alpha Phi works to fill its campus total by the end of March, but if a woman becomes interested in Alpha Phi once the COB process closes, they are still welcome to join during a different time of the year. “There is no turning you away. It’s not one of those things where if you miss the perfect deadline you’ll never be a part of our chapter,” said Edmonson. 

“We recommend doing [formal] recruitment if that would be something she is interested in. It would kind of give the opportunity to meet all of the different chapters.” 

As mentioned, formal recruitment is different from the spring COB process because of its formality and structure. At UWL, formal recruitment is five days, including Bid Day, which typically runs Mon.-Fri. Each night has its own dedicated theme or round. The first night is an informational night, the second night is sisterhood round, the third night is philanthropy night and the fourth night is preference round. If you end up joining a sorority at UWL, you will be extended a bid and can attend the fifth night: Bid Day.

To prepare for formal recruitment, Edmonson first noted the difference between UWL and other schools where sorority life gathers much attention. “We are not as crazy and intense as some of these bigger southern schools or even some of the Big 10, D-1 universities.” 

Edmonson said women should wear clothes they feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in. Additionally, Edmonson recommended women come ready to talk and have some information on hand. “If you know you want to work with kids, and one of the chapter’s philanthropy is with kids, having some of that background information can help a PNM make their recruitment process a lot smoother because they already know in their head where their values and ideals lie.” 

Overall, Edmonson said, “We want a girl that’s gonna be confident and excited to be there more than anything.” 

Aside from its friendships and other benefits, joining a sorority costs money and is a time commitment. “You have to know yourself well enough first to decide ‘Is this something that I have the time for?’,” said Edmonson. In Alpha Phi, paying dues is made easier through their payment plans. If a member would rather pay month-by-month rather than in full, she can do so in Alpha Phi. 

Alpha Phi’s dues are all-inclusive, excluding merchandise. “Every single year we host multiple formals, we host lots of events [such as] big, little reveal.” She continued, “You’ll be paying for the experiences you’re going to be having that semester. When we hand you the bill, you’ll already know where that [money] is going.” 

Edmonson said she recommends Alpha Phi for a wide variety of women. Whether you are looking for strong, female friendships, leadership opportunities or a group to hold you accountable. “Whatever your intentions may be, I think Alpha Phi is an opportunity that every single woman should at least look into.” 

To learn more about UWL Alpha Phi, you can follow them on socials: 

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