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The student news source of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The Racquet Press

The student news source of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The Racquet Press

Photo Series: The Racquet Press returns to print

General Assignment Reporter Hephzibah Ohihoin holds the paper over UWLs official logo. Photo taken by Isabel Piarulli.

After nearly a decade, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student-led news publication, The Racquet Press has returned to publishing a physical newspaper. For more than a century, The Racquet Press has published news relating to UWL students and the La Crosse community.

For most of the 114 years since its inception in 1910 the Racquet published a physical magazine or newspaper, then in 2016, took the news exclusively online. The Racquet began as a monthly magazine and five years later, in 1915, became a newspaper, covering everything from sports to politics to social justice. The Racquet is one of many UWL student orgs, and goes by the slogan: “For the students, by the students.” 

This year’s Racquet Press staff have made the executive decision to return the Racquet to its former glory and begin publishing stories in print. “Print has been in the rearview for the past few years because of the Racquet’s online presence. Having tangible copies again is so exciting,” said Executive Editor Isabel Piarulli. “Digital cameras and printed photos are coming back, our generation missed the newspaper era and I think will find joy in the experience of holding physical copies.”

UWL students have quickly taken notice of the change, already picking up the paper from its three locations in the Student Union. “It seems like a fun way to connect with other students and the school,” said First-year Student Shelby Hennlich. 

Rachel Rank is a first-year history major and thinks that a revival of the paper is a fantastic way to revive nostalgia within the UWL community and bring back a piece of history. “It is nice to bring back something that was so nostalgic. I remember bringing in the newspapers for my dad to read, it is nice to see they have returned at UWL.” 

The printed version of the Racquet will come out monthly and include articles published on the website from the month prior. However, what cannot be found on the website is what the Raquet calls “The Acorn”. The Acorn is a spinoff of The Onion, a satirical, fake news publication. The Racquet currently only publishes stories for The Acorn in its newspaper and will continue the segment for months to come.

Multimedia Editor Easton Moberg is excited the Racquet is introducing a new segment that adds a comedic aspect to the paper. Moberg explained going into print has been a long time coming for the team. “This is something that the editing team has been striving for the entire year, and seeing the results of that is really something special,” he said.  

Managing Editor Jenasea Hameister believes the paper will create a sense of community and help introduce the Racquet to a new audience. “Not many incoming students know about the Racquet. Sometimes, students who’ve been here for years don’t know about the Racquet.” 

Papers can be found in the U near the doors of the south entrance across from Sono, upstairs in the entrance to The COVE, and near the fireplace by the east entrance. The Racquet also plans to expand to other locations around campus and in the La Crosse area soon. To keep up with The Racquet Press, you can sign up for the daily newsletter and follow The Racquet on social media. Instagram: @theracquetpress; Facebook: The Racquet Press; X (Formerly Twitter): The Racquet Press 

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