Summer coffee hacks to stay awake, cool

Miranda Martin, Staff Reporter

Summer is approaching, and for most college students that means sunshine, outdoor activities and more time for fun. However, it also means longer hours at summer jobs and possibly even early morning summer classes.  Balancing the good and the bad of summer means some get even less sleep during than the school year, but with so many fun activities going on, being alert and ready to enjoy is important! Here are six different suggestions of coffee drinks to try to keep you happy and going all summer long:

Iced Coffee

This coffee is the basic start to coffee in the summer.  It’s the same idea as iced tea; it takes the classic, delicious drink and adds ice to it so it is cold, rather than scalding.  If you’re working up a sweat exercising, working or just relaxing by the pool, an iced coffee will cool you down and keep you moving.

Half and Half

This coffee drink is similar to an iced coffee, but instead of just the classic black coffee drink, this order is half milk, half coffee.  Although this drink can be found hot during the winter months, in the summer it can be enjoyed anytime you need to be outside and you won’t be adding to your already high body temperature.

Caramel Macchiato

This drink is popular in the summer because it is cool like the others, but also adds a twist.  While it still has the milk, coffee and ice, it adds a touch of vanilla and caramel, making it a sweet treat to start a morning off correctly.

Iced Americano

For an early morning that starts before you’d like it to, try an Iced Americano.  This drink is loaded with a few shots of espresso, giving it that extra kick to get you through your day.  If you need a wake-up call in the summer, this should be your go-to!

Iced mocha

For those who aren’t the biggest fans of coffee but need to stay awake at a late night bonfire, try an Iced Mocha.  Like the other drinks it is chilled and will keep the nighttime humidity at bay, but is also a better tasting option.  For chocolate fans this drink has the added bonus of satisfying a craving as well, since it combines chocolate, milk and espresso.


  1. Frappuccino

Last but not least, comes the coffee drink that most readers will recognize.  A frappuccino is any flavor of a blended espresso drink, and is a very popular drink at many coffee shops.  Since it is blended it is similar in consistency to a milkshake or smoothie, which is a very satisfying drink to enjoy during the day, and can have as many or as few shots of espresso as one needs!


All of these ideas came from Emily Seib, a previous barista at Starbucks and an avid coffee enthusiast.  If you still need more ideas to keep you going all summer long, she recommends that you ask the barista in your favorite coffee shop; they usually love to recommend their favorite drinks!

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