Head-to-Head Viewpoint: Why Vote for Donald Trump?



Noah Finco, Staff Reporter

We are less than a month away from this chaotic and controversial presidential race ending.  The race is now between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Trump has by far been the most interesting character in the race and that is part of the reason he is the Republican nominee. At one point, there were sixteen Republican candidates, and Trump managed to emerge as the favorite. Now, on the precipice of the presidency, several questions must be answered. Why is Donald Trump is so popular? What are his ideas? And what would a Trump presidency look like?

One of the things that makes Donald Trump an attractive candidate for president is that he is a political outsider. It should come as no surprise that a nonpolitician is doing well in a time when congress, according to a Gallup poll, has an approval rating of 20%. Voters are dissatisfied with how they are being represented and Trump positioned himself as the political outsider who appeals to the needs of the average American, not the needs of Washington.

While his lack of experience frightens some voters, the idea of a president who previously has not held public office is not unheard of. Four past presidents, Zachary Tyler, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower never held public office before becoming president. During the campaign, Trump cited his experience as a successful businessman as preparation for the Oval Office.

Additionally, one of Trump’s most important positions has been his tax plan. Trump’s plan would significantly reduce the marginal tax rates for both individuals and businesses. Individuals would get an average cut of seven percent but the main highlight of the plan is the business tax cut from thirty five percent to fifteen percent. This, coupled with Trump deregulating American businesses, will reportedly foster a three and a half percent increase to GDP over the next five years.

Along with his tax plan, Donald Trump plans on building an administration that is focused on protecting the second amendment. This plan includes harsher punishments for violent criminals and simplifying concealed carry laws. Simultaneously, Trump plans on expanding mental healthcare coverage with his healthcare plan. He states that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with Health Savings Accounts. These tax free accounts would become part of the estate of the individual and could be passed on to heirs.

Lastly, foreign policy has been the focal point of both Trump supporters and opponents since it is the area that he lacks the most experience. Trump has adopted a “peace through strength” motif during his campaign and plans on increasing the size of the U.S Army to 540,000 active duty soldiers.  He also plans on rebuilding the U.S Navy fleet to 350 ships and increasing the U.S Air Force to 1,200 planes.

With immigration, the source of much of Trump’s controversy, he also aims to build a wall on the southern border and deport illegal immigrants with a criminal record. He also plans on issuing a temporary ban on immigration from the most volatile regions in the Middle East.

Donald Trump has been the source of many headlines during this political season. However, his name will be on the top of the ballot come November 8th and it is time that we move beyond the debate if he is a legitimate candidate. Trump’s supporters support him because they believe he is the change that is necessary for America to thrive. We must now look at the changes he plans on making if we are to judge whether he is presidential or not.

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