UW-L Faculty Host March For Science


Karley Betzler

UW-L Freshman Sophie Klein attends the La Crosse March for Science on Earth Day.

Karley Betzler, Sports Reporter

On Saturday, April 21, people and pets of all ages gathered in Weigent Park. The signs they carried echoed their concerns and frustrations. This crowd had congregated to celebrate Earth Day by demonstrating a March for Science.

UW-L professors Dr. Nadia Carmosini and Dr. Heather Schenck organized the march. Both professors teach in the chemistry and biochemistry departments and wanted to organize an event for all community members.

Dr. Carmosini stated, “We’re both very passionate about communicating science and recognizing the incredibly valuable contributions science has made to our society.”

Dr. Carmosini also expressed that they wanted to give La Crosse the opportunity to march locally. “We wanted to have people show their support for science right here.”

They also wanted to create a family and pet-friendly event that welcomed any and all.

“I personally feel very strongly that scientists need to get out of the lab, shed the lab coat and try to get out there and communicate and educate,” explained Carmosini, “Probably the most pressing problem that we need to show leadership for is climate change because that just snowballs so many other problems.”

“I think the general population and society is on board with addressing [climate change], but we have yet to get our public leaders, our political leaders to do that,” stated Carmosini.

A few other issues Dr. Carmosini hoped to address and bring further awareness to at the March for Science were water quality and air pollution. “In many places we’ve made improvements, but we don’t want to see those steps forward become steps backwards.”

Dr. Carmosini had a final message for UW-L students. “I would just like to encourage students to let the administration know, let your professors know that you are interested in having your courses incorporate aspects of sustainability, aspects that deal with real world problems.”

UW-L freshman Erica Rudd commented, “I believe very strongly in climate science and I think it’s absurd that people don’t understand it.”

Rudd hopes the march will bring awareness to various issues and helps people come to the realization that we need science to progress.

“I hope that a lot of people just care and understand that science is one of the only things we can truly believe in.”

Rudd later added, “I hope it leads people to make better decisions for the future, especially with what’s going on in the environment right now.”

Rudd gave advice to her fellow UW-L students on how to help change. “People can start by reducing their carbon footprint, eating less meat, taking care of garbage, litter or trash on the road. Just really being aware of every problem.”

Rudd spoke about how she rarely drives, unplugs electronics when she’s not using them and eats a vegetarian diet to reduce her carbon footprint.

“There really needs to be a change.”