Viewpoint: Surviving the First Week of School

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Karley Betzler, General Assignment Reporter

I have a confession. One of the most unimaginable things happened to me on my first day of classes at UW-L. No, I didn’t walk in late nor did I walk underneath the clock tower dooming me to a fifth year. It was much worse than that… I forgot a pencil on the first day of class.

I didn’t realize this dilemma until I was making my way out of Eagle Hall. My solution? I noticed a Resident Assistant had taped mechanical pencils and notes, spewing encouraging words, onto the doors of freshmen. I spotted a pencil, scanned for witnesses, and left prepared for the first day of class.

Starting school is exciting; whether that excitement is good or bad, it depends on the person. A new semester is kind of like being handed a brand-new garbage can. Still a garbage can, but it’s a clean start.

Meeting other professors and classmates can bring about many new opportunities and experiences. Taking advantage of every opportunity that even slightly interests you will help make your college experience incredible.

Of course, don’t overload your hypothetical plate. College is about finding out what works for you and it is our job to find this balance for ourselves. No one else is going to do it for us. There are literally hundreds of clubs and activities to choose from and each organization is fighting for their share of your time. If you feel overwhelmed, there is never any shame in taking time for yourself.

Icebreakers. Why do we need them? I’m sure there are studies out in the world in favor of icebreakers and how wonderful they are at bringing a room together and how lifelong friends will be made because they both discovered they’re in the same major and love the color purple.

My theory? Icebreakers are just a way for professors to kill time on the first day. My simple request is that if an icebreaker is absolutely necessary, please at least make it interesting. Or, maybe, brighten everyone’s day and dismiss class a little early.

I am always amazed by the people that have no homework after the first week. How does this happen? What magical combination of classes and professors allowed for this to happen? I have nothing against homework the first week because it’s generally the easiest course work, but I do envy those who do not receive any the first week.

I welcomed the first Saturday of the school year with a sigh of relief and a phrase I have said far too many times; “That wasn’t so bad.” I survived the nerves, the icebreakers and even the missing pencil. If I survived, you most certainly can too.