Viewpoint: La Crosse’s Coffee Scene


Karley Betzler

Racquet reporter Karley Betzler (L) enjoying coffee in La Crosse

Karley Betzler, General Assignment Reporter

Every day, 174.5 million adults are brought to life by coffee. Luckily for us, La Crosse offers a
wide variety of coffee shops for every caffeine need.

For a laid-back, jazzy-on-Thursday-nights feel, try out The Root Note. This spot provides
comfort and a warm atmosphere. If you don’t want your coffee to get lonely, The Root Note
offers a delicious variety of crepes to satisfy their hungry guests. Wanna try to squeeze another
sticker onto your laptop or water bottle? The Root Note has you covered; check out their stickers
at the counter.

Moka fits a more modern aesthetic for the quick coffee drinker. This coffeehouse allows the busy
customer to zip in and race out with coffee in hand. There is seating available for guests who
want to spend some leisure time sipping away, but it’s definitely more for quick coffee runs.

Cabin Coffee displays a Southwestern vibe. It’s a place where you can feel equally comfortable
walking in wearing a cowboy hat or a beanie. Sit down at their log tables and enjoy a wide
variety of specialty coffee drinks and other hot beverages.

Cool Beans is nestled in the perfect location for UWL students. On the corner of West Ave and
La Crosse Street, Cool Beans provides students with a quick escape to caffeinate. They have a
unique, homey atmosphere and good coffee to match. Check out the local art they have displayed
on their walls while unwinding with a hot drink and assorted baked items from the display case.

As for on campus, Einstein’s sits in The U and brings joy to tired students. My personal favorite
Einstein’s order is the iced vanilla hazelnut latte; many of my maroon dollars have been dished
out for that drink. Einstein’s also presents students with the option to grab bagels that pair nicely
with any coffee drink.

In the library, Murphy’s Mug creates a comforting atmosphere for coffee-drinkers and people
who appreciate the smell of coffee. This a great spot to study and sip for both groups and

There are still many coffee shops in the La Crosse area that I have yet to get to on my caffeine
quest, but I can at least guarantee any of the ones mentioned above as being a great coffee
experience for you!