UWL Hosts Array of Clubs

Karley Betzler, Staff Reporter

Clubs are a way to meet new people and try out new experiences. UWL hosts over 200 organizations. Some of the more well-known clubs, like Active Minds and the American Red Cross Club, bring about lots of opportunities. There are also some rising groups to consider like the Guild of Metalworkers and the Table-Top Gaming Club.

Active Minds Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ryan McKelley described the club as, “…a national nonprofit organization that aims to raise mental health awareness among college students.” 

McKelley said,“ It is based on a peer-to-peer model where students educate each other to increase awareness of mental health issues and encourage others to seek help as soon as it is needed.”  

He explained that the club will bring in speakers and clinicians to discuss both mental health itself and the stigma surrounding diagnoses. These discussions may include ways to reduce stigma as well as seeking help. At the meetings, they also plan local and on-campus programs.  

In the past, Active Minds, “…hosted the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s ‘Out of the Darkness’ campus walk to help raise money for suicide prevention…” They are currently working on hosting this walk again in the Spring of 2018. Last year, Active Minds also hosted Send Silence Packing, an exhibition “designed to raise awareness about incidence and the impact of suicide” (activeminds.org).  

UWL’s American Red Cross Club is another dynamic club widely known on campus for hosting blood drives. UWL’s Blood Drive Coordinator, Kayla Halverson explains, “Something special about this club is that it gives students the ability to work with a national and well-respected organization right here on campus.”  

Halverson explained that the club’s meetings typically consist of, “…discussion of the upcoming months volunteer opportunities in the area, red cross events coming up such as blood drives, sometimes we have guest speakers come in, and of course there are always snacks!” 

Guild of Metalworkers, an emerging club on campus, explained their club in three statements. President, Sofia Kozidis, explained, “We hit things. We melt things. We make things.” 

GoM meetings usually consist of brainstorming and planning possible events as well as being a place to improve skills and be supported as an artist.  

Kozidis said,“We simply give each other advice, input about their art, as well as allow a space and time for people to work on artwork with others.” 

Kozidis spoke about an event held at the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters. “For the end of each semester, GoM, along with Ceramics Club and Creative Crowd, hold a sale. [The sale is]…awesome, because there are a ton of different things and makes holiday shopping for students a breeze!” 

Kozidis wanted the UWL community to know that everyone is welcome to try out Guild of Metalworkers. “If anyone is curious, wants to learn more, or would like to collaborate with this club, let us know! Or if you have a commission, contact us and we can direct you to the artist who can help.” 

Another rising group at UWL is the Table-Top Gaming Club. Club President, Kevin Minter, described the organization as, “…a great place to find people who will play any game.”  

Minter said the club members often bring in their own games. The number of games being played is determined by how many members come to the meeting.  

Minter stated that the Table-Top Gaming Club is, “…very accepting of people that haven’t really played these types of games before, as well, since even those that have played this style of games before find new games in the club and have to learn the rules.”  

According to Minter, the Table-Top Gaming Club is for anyone who wants to try out new games, meet new people, and have a good time while doing so.  

Find out more information about these organizations and many more on https://uwlmyorgs.campuslabs.com/engage/.