UWL becomes Internationalized

International Education and Engagement Graduate Assistant Paige Navis (left) and International Student Adviser Miranda Panzer (right).

Karley Betzler

International Education and Engagement Graduate Assistant Paige Navis (left) and International Student Adviser Miranda Panzer (right).

Karley Betzler, Staff Reporter

UWL is about to become internationalized. The University was selected to be a part of the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory. According to UWL’s Internationalization Lab webpage, the lab hopes to provide, “…a forum for the sharing of ideas and practices promoting global education goals.”  

UWL Director of International Education and Engagement (IEE) Emelee Volden is co-chairing the ACE Internationalization Steering Committee. Volden described UWL being invited to be a part of this research as a, “…very collaborative process.” 

Volden described how this process will begin. “So, it begins with a survey of inventory of what is UWL already doing.” Volden went on to state that UWL already has strong study abroad program, strong international student enrollment, and “…we have faculty doing research, we have international faculty and staff on campus.”  

Volden explained that there will be six different Action Teams collecting data and conducting this survey. They’re expecting this process to be throughout the duration of the Spring 2018 semester.  

Volden added the questions that they will ask about the university. “…what are we doing? What are we doing to get us to the next step? And what suggestions do we need to identify to get us there?” She noted that, these are necessary questions, but they would like student’s thoughts as well. Volden said, “We’re seeking campus input throughout…There’s a lot of opportunities to share questions and suggestions throughout the process.” 

Volden talked about what this opportunity could mean for UWL students, “If you look at the overall goal of what this could be it would be to make sure that our university was preparing our students for what they need to be successful in a global environment.” 

Volden also spoke on the impact this will have on students. “I think, that students, who are choosing to come here, not only will they have opportunities to study abroad, but they will be supported by faculty through international research or they will have global perspectives infused through the courses that they’re taking.” 

IEE International Student Adviser Miranda Panzer explained why this is important for UWL students, “Our campus internationalization plan matters to students because this directly impacts them. It’s a global economy…you have to be able to interact with people from around the world.”  

Panzer also said, “This not only will help you [students] personally, but professionally, and socially, so this is a very important opportunity to help make our curriculum dynamic. Help make our practices, here on campus, set you up for success.”  

Volden explained that this program will, “..advance UWL’s reputation as an internationalized university.”  

Panzer also expressed this hope, “I do believe this will set UWL apart from other institutions. This is a very unique opportunity to really look in-depth at our internationalization plan and how we can be the best that we can be.”  

To learn more, visit https://www.uwlax.edu/committee/internationalization/