Club Feature: Campus Activities Board


Mackenzie Schieble

Members of UWL’s CAB executive board from left to right, Brandin Walz, McKenzie Jurgens, Mackenzie Schieble, Katie Peeters, Vanessa Mbuyi, KJ Newkirk, and Brennan Keller. Not pictured is Sam Fake.

Karley Betzler, General Assignment Reporter

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students have enjoyed various activities around campus, such as free movies, hypnotists, or the T-Pain concert fall of 2016. However, not all of us are familiar with the club that organizes these events.  

UWL’s Campus Activities Board, or CAB, is the organizer of these events around campus. CAB’s Co-President McKenzie Jurgens stated “students don’t fully realize everything that CAB does to bring an event to campus.” Jurgens continued, “Everyone in CAB works hard to get opinions and ideas that would appeal to all different types of students—our main purpose and goal is to be able to entertain the students.” 

CAB’s Event Coordinator Mackenzie Schieble added, “I do not think people realize how much time and effort we put into our events and how big of an impact we have on campus.” Schieble went on to explain that, on average, CAB can entertain over 100 students per week. Schieble provided an example of CAB’s impact. “This past week, we co-sponsored to bring Charlie Berens from the Manitowoc Minute to campus. We sold 950 tickets to students and others in the community which is just one of our larger events.”  

Schieble detailed the responsibilities that come with her position as one of CAB’s five Event Coordinators. “Each semester you will oversee four to six events that you completely lead from start to finish.” Schieble elaborated that running her own event is even more time-consuming because she’ll be the main contact for everyone involved in the event from building managers to the graphics team. “You must wear every hat because you will work with logistics, reservations, marketing the event, setting up and taking down and the list continues.” said Schieble. “When it is not your event, we help each other out with volunteering at the events or making sure everything is running smoothly.”  

Jurgens current position as Co-President includes many different roles. “Some of the things I do are facilitating general member meetings, creating recruitment plans to try to get more members to join us, occasionally publicity, updating and running MyOrgs, updating our members on volunteer opportunities and other events going on, as well as working with the budget.” 

Jurgens explained a typical CAB meeting usually includes, “a recap of our recent events, updates of upcoming events and how members can get involved with them, voting on upcoming events, exploring possible people to bring to campus, a group activity, and usually free food!” Schieble explained that the meetings, “very laid back and at the end we always do a group activity. These can range from playing darts and air hockey downstairs to grabbing dinner or going bowling. It is a way for us to bond as a club.” 

CAB meets every Tuesday at 5pm in room 3105 of the Student Union. Jurgens ended with, “To join CAB, you don’t need to do anything besides come to our meetings, voice your ideas, and hang with us. We just want student’s ideas and more people to get involved with what we do!”