UW-La Crosse’s 3rd Annual Social Justice Week

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse’s 3rd Annual Socal Justice Week is here starting Monday April 2 through Friday April 6 with several events each day. Below is the event schedule for each day. For more information on the events click here:  (https://www.uwlax.edu/globalassets/offices-services/social-justice/sjw-2018-program.pdf)
social justice week uw-la crosse 3rd annual sponsored by the uw-la crosse institute for social justice program ommunities l 2-6, 2018
Monday April 2
12:30-1:30 p.m. | Brown Bag Lunch 1 | 3310 Student Union
“Communities in Action: Interdependent Justice-Making” – Barb Pollack, Andrea Hansen, Hetti Brown, and Terry Glenn Lilley2:30-3:45 p.m. | “Stories from People, Stories from Trees: Empowering Anishinaabe Identity and Reclaiming Traditional Land Use Through the Rings of Trees” | 3310 Student Union
Evan Larson University of Wisconsin Platteville4:00-5:30 pm | Research Session 1: Language, Leadership and Social Justice | 2201 Centennial
“(De)humanizing [email protected] Child Immigrants in United States Spanish- and English-language Print Media” – Megan Stromm
“Linguistic Human Rights: Preparing all Teachers to Work with English Learners” – Heather Linville

“Latinx Student Leadership in the Post-election Era” – Adele Lozano and Paige Kieler

4:00-5:30 p.m.  | Panel 1: Fashioning Justice | 3103 Centennial
Using fashion to explore social justice issues – Terry Glenn Lilley and Students

4:00-5:30 p.m.  | Roundtable 1: Graduate Student  Research  | 3106 Centennial
“Making Fraternity and Sorority Life a Tool for Social Change” – K Weinberg
“Men, Masculinity, and Membership: The Intersection of Gender and Student Leadership”-Amber Schneide
“LGBTQ+ Students in Housing and Residence Life” – Jalon Falconer and Trev Leeper

5:30-7:00 p.m. | Plenary Panel 1: What Ta-Nehisi Coates Says to Me | 1300 Centennial Hall of Nations
Ron Malzer, Facilitator
Panelists: Kate Parker, Richard Breaux, and Uttara Manohar

7:30-9:00 p.m. | Plenary Speaker | Graff Main Hall Auditorium
Vanessa McNeal, Director and Producer of “The Voiceless”
Tuesday April 3
12:00-1:30 p.m. | Brown Bag Lunch 2 | 3310 Student Union
“Living and Learning : Examining Racial and Ethnic Biases”4:00-5:30 p.m. | Roundtable 2: Undergraduate Student Research | 2201 Centennial
“White Perceptions of Black Social Movements” –  Kyleigh Hall
“The LGBTQ+ experience in Cuba” – Demitra Weisbrod
“The Influence of Socialization on Black Women within the Stress Process Model” – Sydney Yarbough4:00-5:30 p.m. | Diversity Dialogues Session 1: Planting SEED’s: Using Peer Education to Create Change  | 3103 Centennial
Migdaila Simpson, Jori Given, Isaiah Thomas, Karter Etchin, Sam Strooza, Sophia Juame, Aprajita Singh, Mackenzie Lee, Hannah Asiyanbi, Katheryn Horne, Macy Ramos, Becky Hawkins and Jess Nussbaum

4:00-5:30 p.m. | Social Justice Activism 1: Civil Rights Pilgrimage: Creating TRansformative Experiences Through Travel | 3106 Centennial
Richard Breaux and Antoiwana Williams
7:00-8:30 p.m. | Plenary Speakers | The Bluffs Student Union
Something New “Products of A Revolution” -Gwen Brown and Ronald Smith, President and Director
Wednesday April 4
12:00-1:30 p.m. | Brown Bag Lunch 3 | 3310 Student Union
“What it Feels Like to be Imprisoned: Handcuffed, Being a Number, and Other Fond Memories of Being ‘Dehumanized’” – Frank Kroncke, Viterbo University

2:00-3:30 p.m. | “The State of the System: An Open Forum”| 3314 Student Union
Sponsors: United Academic Professionals of UWL, The Office of Continuing Education and Extension, UWL Faculty Senate, UWL Student Association, and the Department of Political Science and Public Adimistration4:00-5:30 p.m. | Social Justice Activism 2: White Social Justice Accomplice Development: An Emerging Model | 2201 Centennial
Jake Dyer and Jörg Vianden
4:00-5:30 p.m. | Roundtable 3: Literature and Social Justice | 3103 Centennial
Susan Crutchfield, Kelly Sultzbach, and Students4:00-5:30 p.m. | Diversity Dialogues Session 2: Both/And: How Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives in Higher Education Uphold Systems of Oppression  | 3106 Centennial
Megan Pierce, Angela Birrittella, and Matthew Evensen
5:30-7:30 p.m. | Plenary Panel 2: Stomp Out Stigma: Mental Health Dialogues | 1300 Centennial  
Kate Ebert, Organizer7:30-9:00 p.m. | Plenary Speaker  | Graff Main Hall Auditorium
Dr. Adrienne Keene, Assistant Professor at Brown University “Native Appropriations, Indigenous Social Media, and Responding to Racism”
Thursday April 5
2:00-1:30 p.m. | Brown Bag Lunch 4 | 3310 Student Union
Presentation will begin at 12:30
“Historical Perspectives on Reproductive Justice” Jodi Vandenberg-Daves4:00-5:30 p.m.  | Social Justice Activism 3 | 2201 Centennial
“Teaching Hmong History and Culture Through a Young Adult Verse Novel: Insights from Middle School Teachers on Their Teaching of Mai Chao’s Gathering Fireflies” – Emily Mootz and Jim Carlson“Revolutionary Ethics for Revolutionary Communities” – Kevin Hundt

“An Analysis of Hate and Bias Response Data to Support Critical Pedagogy and Inclusive Teaching Practices” – Roi Kawai

4:00-5:30 p.m. | Roundtable 4: Adventure Education and Social Justice | 3103 Centennial
Rafael Ramirez, Kate Evans, and Matt Mauer

4:00-5:30 p.m. | Interactive Session: Collective Community Engagement and Responsibility for Teacher Candidates | 3106 Centennial
Scott Baker and students

5:30-7:00 p.m. | Workshop: The Importance of Peace and Grass Roots Organizing | 1300 Centennial Hall of Nations
Sponsored by Students for a Free Tibet

7:00-8:30 p.m. | Plenary Speaker | 1400 Centennial
Dr. Annette Lareau, Stanley I. Sheerr Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, “Challenges for First-Generation College Students in College”

Friday April 6
12:00-1:30 p.m. | Brown Bag Lunch 5 | 3310 Student Union
“Social Media Activism and The Black Lives Matter Movement: Building Revolutionary Communities” – Charles Martin-Stanley and Charles Martin-Stanley II, University of Iowa1:45-3:45 p.m. | “Combating the Demand for Sex Trafficking” | 3314 Student Union
Terry Forliti, Executive Director of Breaking Free7:30-8:30 p.m. | Social Justice Concert: “We Can Mend the Sky” | Annett Recital Hall Center for the Arts
UWL Concert Choir

9:00-10:00 p.m. | Performance | Entertainment Café Lower Level Student Union
G Yamazawa, Social Justice Rapper, Poet, and Comedian
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