Guide to reporting sexual misconduct at UWL

Sam Stroozas, Staff Reporter


*Disclaimer: This article will be discussing issues of sexual violence including; assault, harassment, stalking, and rape. The content listed below is to purely help those who have been impacted by sexual violence and not to in anyway glorify the issue. All information came from University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Violence Prevention website.  

Sexual misconduct at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is a real and serious issue that must be discussed. Although UWL offers many options to students on who and where to report to, some students still remained uninformed. The Racquet has mapped out a guide to reporting sexual misconduct at UWL, which was adopted from the UWL violence prevention website in hope to help survivors on and around campus.  

On the homepage of the UWL violence prevention website it addresses who must report sexual misconduct and why, “All university employees (except those designated as confidential resources) are mandated reporters of sexual assault or other sexual misconduct. Both federal and state regulations require our institution to promptly respond to, investigate, and resolve complaints regarding any sexual misconduct that takes place on campus; is connected to the institution’s programs; or is perpetrated by anyone affiliated with the institution.”  

This paragraph is filed with a lot of important statements, but it should be noted that one must break down and understand the terms discussed.  

Mandated Reporter: This is any UWL professor or faculty member or student employee that has not been trained to be a confidential reporter and must report any sexual misconduct they are told while acting within their positon.  

Confidential Reporter: A UWL faculty member that has gone through extensive training and is a great resource to discuss with and does not have to report without your consent. 

At UWL the confidential reporters are Ingrid Peterson, Violence Prevention Specialist, AJ Clauss, Campus Climate Coordinator, Kate Ebert, Wellness Coordinator, Joel Luedke, Athletic Trainer, Willen Vanroosenbeek, Director of LGBTQA+ Services, and Antoiwana Williams, Director of Multicultural Student Services.  

Along with these resources, Counseling and Testing and the Student Health center are confidential as well as Gundersen Health System Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Program, Mayo Clinic Health System “Safe Path,” New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers, and Great Rivers 2-1-1.  

If you would like to take further action, you must submit a report. You can fill out and submit an Official Report Form: and after you submit the report a member of the Title IX team will contact you.  

If you would prefer to submit confidentially you can enter your information here: and it will be submitted to the Violence Prevention Coordinator and not shared with any other individuals or office without your permission.  

Remember that if you want to talk to someone there are many resources on campus that are already and trained to help you. Speaking up is hard, but not discussing it at all is even harder. First know that sexual misconduct is never the victims fault, and you have the right to feel distraught and upset but you are not alone in the process. 


Resources are listed below.  


Ingrid Peterson
Violence Prevention Specialist
149 Graff Main Hall
[email protected] 


Abbi Clauss 

Campus Climate Program Coordinator
1125 Centennial Hall
[email protected]


Katherine Ebert Wellness Coordinator
149 Graff Main Hall
[email protected]


Joel Luedke  

Athletic Trainer
10 Mitchell Hall
[email protected]


Willem Vanroosenbeek  

Director of LGBTQA+ Services
2214 Student Union
[email protected]


Antoiwana Williams 

Director Multicultural Student Services
1111 Centennial Hall
[email protected]


Counseling & Testing Center
2106 Centennial Hall

Student Health Center
1300 Badger Street


Gundersen Health System Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program: 608.775.5950 (24 hour line) 

Mayo Clinic Health System “Safe Path”: 608.392.7804 (24 hour line) 

New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers: 608.791.2600 (24 hour line) 

Great Rivers 2-1-1 Information, referral and crisis line: Dial 211 (24 hour line)