Humans of UWL: Lizzy Schneider


Carly Rundle-Borchert

Yoga instructor Lizzy Schneider

Carly Rundle-Borchert, Photojournalist

“Why do I teach yoga? I like to connect with what the ancient people started doing thousands of years ago. It’s helpful for healing, with movement, and connecting to your breath—to ground you into this moment. Yoga is not so much about advancing, but about gathering awareness, so you never have to have any expectations for yourself, which I think is really liberating. There are so many responsibilities put on people today, especially college students. Yoga is a time where you can forget about any worries and focus on just being in the moment with your body, which we easily get disconnected from in this world. The human body can do so many things. Moving in all these different ways is an expression of art and it connects you back to your inner child. The poses are named after animals so you can envision yourself in them however you would like. It’s a time for play. It’s a time for reflection. It’s a time to be whoever you want to be.”  

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