Humans of UWL: UWL pro-choice rally


Sam Stroozas

UWL students Gabriela Calderon (left), Emily Guttormsson (center) and MacKenzie Larson (right).

Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor

UWL students gathered at the clock tower today for a pro-choice rally in response to the anti-choice rally we covered on Wednesday. Students interviewed with The Racquet Press and discussed that they wanted to create a space for students to learn about the pro-choice argument, defend human rights and promote feminism. The organizer of the event, Kelsey Dockry said she wanted to fight back and lift up people’s voices.

UWL student Katie Fleischman was praying at the rally with rosary beads and expressed her viewpoint on the pro-choice rally: ”I am just praying for their souls and that may know God’s love for them and the true love of God. I learned about being [pro-life] through religion and science itself. These pro-choices are arguing for their bodies but we are just arguing for the soul of the being inside you. We are just arguing for their life so they have a voice too.” #humansofuwl