Humans of UWL: YWCA volunteers


Carly Rundle-Borchert

Jane Benzschawel (right) and UWL student Giorgia Brennan (left).

Carly Rundle-Borchert, Photojournalist

Jane Benzschawel (right): “YWCA International has a stand against racism every year and this years focus is on immigration. We’re asking folks to take a ‘stand against racism’ pledge in joining us to stand against racism. We also have a ‘Myths and Facts’ brochure that debunks common myths about immigration, and then points out whether the racism is in the myth or the fact. We also have a citizenship quiz that we’re encouraging folks to consider taking, to go through the experience of what is it like to try and have these civic responses. How does it relates to being a citizen when you look at the actual questions? So people can have empathy around what that process would feel like. We also have ‘Know Your Rights’ cards, so if ICE shows up at your door, what can you do? so you can slide this card under your door and it says, in Hmong, Spanish, and English, your rights and that you don’t wish to speak with them at this time.”

UWL Senior Giorgia Brennan (left): “I am volunteering with YWCA for the experiential portion of my psychology degree. I wanted to choose an organization that aligned with my own values. We can make a better community when we’re working side by side and lifting up everyone. So bringing the awareness to UWL as to what’s really going on in our community is really important.” #humansofuwl

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