Humans of UWL: UWL students protest sexual misconduct allegations on campus


Sam Stroozas

Back row (left to right): senior Kendra Elise Whelan, senior Migdalia Simpson and senior Bailey Click. Front row (left to right): UWL junior DeVonte Louis Kuykendall and Redington.

Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor

UWL junior Mickey Redington (front row, right) said, “I’ve had this sign ever since this started. I’ve been kind of waiting until I had sufficient time to bring it out here or if I had sufficient people. I didn’t want to put this all on Kendra, I didn’t want to put this all on Bailey. I was out here anyways with the pro-life protest and I was handing out small sheets of informative literature because abortion is healthcare. Those ran out, so I was like, ‘Cool, I’m not going to print anymore because trees’. So, I already had this [sign], so I was like might as well stand with whoever else is out here.” Back row (left to right): senior Kendra Elise Whelan, senior Migdalia Simpson and senior Bailey Click. Front row (left to right): UWL junior DeVonte Louis Kuykendall and Redington.