Humans of UWL: Hailey Huber


Carly Rundle-Borchert

UWL student Hailey Huber.

Carly Rundle-Borchert, Photojournalist

UWL senior Hailey Huber’s “Save the Bees” graphic design project is featured on the computer screen in front of her in the photo as she talks to The Racquet Press’ Photojournalist Carly Rundle-Borchert.

“I’m from Oxford, Wisconsin – this tiny little town. I actually grew up on a farm. We have beef cattle and three dogs. One of them’s name is Louie and he has three legs.”

Huber is majoring in Organizational and Professional Communication with a minor in Digital Media and Design. She works as a Photography Lab Monitor in Wings Technology Center as part of a work-study program.

“I’m a senior; I’ll graduate in the spring. I don’t really know what I’m going to do afterward. I was undecided for such a long time and I still don’t know if what I’m going for is the right thing. I wanted to pick a major that was broad so I could have a lot of options. I have always been a little artsy so the Digital Media and Design minor appealed to me. I think it would be really cool to do a combination of marketing, social media, writing…mash them all together. Writing has always been my strong suit, not so much math or science. So I’m pretty much trying to wrap up my senior year successfully.”

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