Photo Series: What’s on your nightstand UWL?


Carly Rundle-Borchert

“My nightstand is a multipurpose space. It holds a lot of things that aid my healthy state of mind," said Kayleigh Colhour.

Carly Rundle-Borchert, Photojournalist

Students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse revealed to The Racquet Press the unique topography of their nightstands. Each collection of items vary in substance and structure, but all have their place on this bedside space.

Else Weber, an exercise and sports science major and art minor.

“The birch is from my family and the bracelets are from Arizona. My clock is obviously important and a picture of my mom, aunts and BFF Julia are special to me.”

Grace Suiter, a public health major and psychology minor.

“The stuff on my nightstand are things that I use on a daily basis along with my favorite sports player.”

Kayleigh Coulhour, a political science major. 

“My nightstand is a multipurpose space. It holds a lot of things that aid my healthy state of mind.”

Four students decided to remain anonymous about their nightstands.

Student One

“At the end of every night, in the last moments of the day, I table my worries and give my brain a well-deserved chance to rest from constant thought. Sometimes that involves candy.”

Student Two

“I really do not have to leave my bed if I do not want to. I have my sleepytime lotion, birth control and anti-anxiety pills, bubbly, and my vibrator. I do not believe in organized religion, so my bed is a religious space for me. I have a really hard time sleeping because my mind never turns off and I just lay and go through every episodic memory that I have, so, I like to create a space where I feel comfortable and like I can finally exhale. I love my bed because it is so versatile. I have had deep and meaningful moments with friends and lovers, and also with myself, and sometimes sleep. I have had a really hard year but no matter what I knew at the end of the day I could go home and lay in my bed and ground myself. Something about being able to connect again with yourself in an environment you have curated and thrive in, it changes you. My bed is a constant for me, it’s home, even if nothing else in my life really feels that way.”

Student Three

“The most important part of my nightstand is my lamp. It has a soft glow and I prefer it to my ceiling light. I have leftover mugs from nighttime tea and a water glass for when I wake up parched in the middle of the night. I put lotion on right when I wake up and before I go to sleep because the air in my house is so dry. Other random items like beer, Ramen, papers, pens, and the crown bag just seem to accumulate to add to the clutter.”

Student Four

“I have scented candles to keep it fresh…smelling. A knife for protection and a knife is a useful tool for many things. A Gameboy to play games to ease me into a slumber aided by Mario. Sunglasses because cause my nightstand is a stop and go place for things I have inside my pockets; change, sunglasses, wristbands, matches, eye drops. Because sleeping with those things in your pocket is extremely uncomfortable. Then I have a big mug that my roommate won, which I sometimes use for water, but it also just is a good looking mug. Then a bracelet that my beautiful girlfriend made me, but it is itchy and I’d prefer not to sleep with it on.”

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