REC hosts queer night series


Photo of strength and tone class from March 3, taken by Maggie Cudahy

Julia Van Fleet, Sports Reporter

This year, the Recreational Eagle Center (REC) is offering the Queer Night Series, which occurs on scheduled Tuesdays throughout the spring semester from 8:30-9:30. The Queer Night Series offers a variety of classes throughout the semester. There have already been two events held, the first being queer yoga on Feb. 25, and a strength and tone class which was held on March 3.  

“The vision behind this was trying to create a space that people felt comfortable to workout and try new things. Often times, it’s hard to workout without feeling like people are looking at you and judging you,” said Maggie Cudahy, a peer educator at the Pride Center. 

According to sophomore Isabella Balma, Queer Night does just that. 

The instructor created an environment without any pressure to have a certain body type, have the right clothes, or be at a certain ability level. I personally enjoyed the positive energy within the space,” said Balma 

Balma said she decided to attend the event because she already had ties within the Pride Center, and she thought that this would be a good way to do some physical activity. Balma attended queer yoga night and enjoyed the stress relief 

“It was a good way to relax in the middle of the school week. I love the connection yoga creates between your mind and body so you can take a physical break from the world for an hour,” said Balma. 

This event series was created after two sessions of queer yoga took place last semester. After finding moderate success for queer yoga, Cudahy and the REC’s fitness coordinator Nick Berg discussed expanding the event and created the Queer Night Series. 

Cudahy wants anyone to feel welcome to attend this event. 

“People should come if they want a safe and free place to work out. The instructors make sure that it is an inclusive environment for all. While it is geared toward queer people of course, anyone is welcome,” said Cudahy.  

Cudahy also says that there are many more benefits to these fitness classes aside from getting a good workout in. 

“It is very empowering to see people who have an identity in common with you, working out and feeling good about themselves,” said Cudahy. 

Because of the success of this event, the REC and the Pride Center plan to have more collaborations in the future, according to Berg. 

I hope the REC and Pride center continue to partner in many ways, and I’m thrilled to support an already awesome recourse on campus. I’m not as concerned about what message we put out there with an event such as Queer Night at the REC as I am about finding ways to empower our LGBTQQIAAP students at UWL,” said Berg.  

For those interested in attending, the next Queer Night event will be held on March 10, and the activity is yoga.  

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