Humans of UWL: Payton Solberg and Anna Buchberger


Photo by Kayleigh Marshall

Payton Solberg (left) and Anna Buchberger (right).

Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor

“I love working here [Iguana’s]. The hours are super flexible. Everybody that I work with is great. Rebecca is my La Crosse mom, she’s great, I can talk to her about anything and everybody I work with is great,” said Payton Solberg.

“We are super close to campus and I want UWL students to just know we are here. Sometimes I tell students where I work and they’re like ‘what is that?’ We are super close, really cheap, and the food is so good”

“I like working here because the atmosphere is super fun and I get to talk in Spanish sometimes and my boss is super cool. I get a lot of free food, which is awesome and I have made a lot of cool friends here,” said Anna Buchberger.

“I want UWL students to know it is the best Mexican food in La Crosse and you should definitely come here.”

Although Iguana’s is closed for seating, you can order carry out by calling 608-519-3112 or finding them on Eat Street, Door Dash and Bite Squad.