Humans of UWL: Nhouchee Yang

Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor

Nhouchee Yang has just begun her second semester working as the academic department associate for the communication studies department. She has worked at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse for two years and graduated from UWL with a Bachelor of Science in art and a minor in photography in 2016.

“I just really enjoyed being in an office setting and actually being able to sit for once. I used to have jobs where I stood all the time for eight hours and I just like being around the students, the atmosphere is nice and UWL is a good college as an undergrad too. So I really enjoyed being in the community and staying in touch with some of my professors and meeting new faculty and instructors. I was an art major, so I never came into the communication studies department. So just even meeting a new network of people is great,” said Yang.

“I like working in the communication studies department because it’s different every day. People always say, ‘Oh, you work at a desk, that must be boring,’¬† but actually, it’s really great because I’m not doing the same thing every day, I’m not seeing the same people every day and it’s just different. I really enjoy the communication studies department because it’s a very large group of people and as I said, I don’t get to see them every day, so it’s really nice to see different faces every day of the week. The communication studies department is a really fun bunch.”