Humans of UWL: Annika Carlson


Photo provided.

Annika Carslon.

Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor

Annika Carlson has worked at The Racquet Press as our business manager for four semesters. She is graduating this semester with a major in economics and a minor in art. After graduation, she is moving to Milwaukee and working for a year while applying to architecture graduate schools.

Carlson described what she will miss about UWL and The Racquet Press:

“I will miss the people and the friends I made here, especially my Lil Green House gals. I will miss the beautiful bluffs, river, and all the trails in between. I will miss my favorite coffee shop, Grounded. I will miss the energy of downtown. I will miss the lovely, passionate student staff. They [The Racquet Press] put their whole heart in everything that they do,” she said.

Carlson explained how she felt about graduating during a pandemic.

“Everyone is making sacrifices during this pandemic. It’s saddening to not have the privilege to commemorate our 16 plus years of hard work in classes.  When we are safely allowed, we will celebrate!”