News Release: A message from Mayor Kabat regarding the Safer at Home Order

Mayer Kabat's Office, Guest Contributor

I have received multiple questions and requests from residents about issuing a City-wide safer at home order. I have also received questions from the business community about health guidelines and how those will be enforced. 

As we know, both the President and Governor declared the COVID-19 disease as a public health emergency. Yesterday the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the State’s “Safer at Home” order, leaving it to local officials to decide how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Our local lead experts and authority on health issues, including communicable diseases like the COVID-19, is the La Crosse County Health Department. 

Please know that the City of La Crosse does not speak for or manage the La Crosse County Health Department. The City of La Crosse has neither its own health department nor the scientific expertise on this subject matter. Thus, the City relies on the knowledge and expertise of the County health authorities. 

I am aware that health authorities in other local governments have issued their own safer at home orders. Anticipating the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s action, last week and again last night, I strongly encouraged the La Crosse County Health Department to extend the “Safer at Home” order – even for just a week – or to develop a modified order, so that testing could be ramped up, a clear plan could be shared and we could avoid the confusion from “Safer at Home” to no limits at all. This did not happen, as today La Crosse County chose not to extend or to establish a new health order. 

I encourage everyone to follow the County’s statement of unity against the COVID-19 disease and ask our residents and businesses to continue doing a good job and to follow those eight (8) recommendations in the County’s statement. It is up to individuals to look out for one another and to our businesses to protect their workers and their customers. I know we can do it. 

Stay strong La Crosse.

Thank you. 

Mayor Tim Kabat

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