Aguilera student housing on the rise for UW-L

Stephanie Koss, Senior Reporter

If you’re familiar with the area near the corner of West Ave and Badger Street, then you’ve most likely seen the new work-in-progress building behind Kwik Trip. Aguilera – the Spanish word for “eagle nest”, a connection to the UW-L mascot – is the newest off-campus apartment complex in La Crosse, modernized to fit the varying needs of a variety of students and La Crosse residents.

Construction for Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions’ newest complex, Aguilera, began in early September of 2015 and is expected to be finished and ready for tenants to move in beginning June 15, 2016.

Conveniently located just a short walk from the UW-La Crosse campus, the new complex will feature an onsite coffee shop, fitness center, outdoor courtyard/patio, and off-street parking. There will be 39 parking spots in an enclosed, heated parking garage. There will be an additional 35-onsite parking spaces outside the garage. The complex also has enough room for roughly 70 bikes to be parked. Aguilera also has made a deal with the UW-L campus that will allow them to reserve roughly 100 parking spots in the commuter lots that are exclusive to Aguilera residents.

All units will have stackable washer and dryer units (not coin-operated), and a majority of the units will have balconies expanding off the units that will overlook the outdoor courtyard, rooftop garden, and nearby streets. The balconies also offer breathtaking views of the city, especially ones of Granddad’s Bluff and the surrounding bluffs.

In addition to the complex’s featured amenities, there will also be some state-of-the-art internal amenities that will set Aguilera apart from other apartment complexes and caters to the desires of the tenants.

Jeremy Novak, Director of Operations for Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions, said, “Our business is truly about fostering an environment that is adaptable to all of our tenants’ needs. When planning for Aguilera, we surveyed a variety of our existing tenants and asked them what they would like to see in the new building.”

After reviewing some of this input, it became clear to the development committee that some of the most common complaints students have regarding off-campus student housing were slow WiFi networks and noisy neighbors. To remedy these issues, Aguilera will have the fastest WiFi network in all of La Crosse (exclusive to Aguilera and included in monthly rent), and the infrastructure of the building will be specially engineered to reduce sound transmission from unit to unit.

“Although these internal features came at an extra cost to us, we sincerely believe that it is these specific elements that will make Aguilera a more convenient and enjoyable place to live for all tenants,” said Novak.

There will be 51 three-bedroom units and 7 two-bedroom units. There is a couple of different layouts for the units, some with higher square-footage and some with less. The units range from $465-$495 monthly, depending on which room layout the tenant chooses and which floor the unit is on.

Aguilera also offers some remarkable and essential safety features. The building has dozens of security cameras that will be in operation 24/7 as well as onsite management. “Security cameras will be positioned in front of all elevators and entrances so that we can see exactly who is entering and exiting Aguilera at all times,” said Norma Pfaff, Leasing Agent for Aguilera. “All of the stairwells are positioned up against glass windows facing the street, so that if anything was to happen inside, people from the exterior would be able to see and report it immediately.”

“At Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions, we really pride ourselves in providing high-quality customer service to our tenants. We strive to meet the needs of all of our tenants, whatever those may be. I think that is something that is really unique to this area and certainly something that is beneficial to students,” said both Novak and Pfaff.


Leasing for 2016-2017 is currently underway! If you have any questions regarding Aguilera, are interested in taking a private, guided tour of the complex, or want to begin your leasing process, contact Jeremy Novak at [email protected] or at 608.790.5589.

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