Ask 5: Tips to Survive the Semester

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Sam Stroozas, Features Reporter

Summer to school, season to season, students show up at UW-L fresh faced and full of energy for a memorable and hopefully less stressful school year than the one before. While no one truly has discovered the way to balance good grades, enough sleep, and a social life, these returning students have a bit more knowledge and gave their views on how to survive the upcoming year.

Attempting to find one’s self among all things is important. Senior, Sadie Hafrich, lives this belief to the fullest. While looking back at her freshman year, Sadie says “Get involved, pursue things in college that will continue to strengthen and develop your interests.”

Meeting new people may cause stress, but sophomore, Dylan Schock, has this philosophy, “Fake it until you make it, act like you belong and pretty soon you’ll have your niche.” Confidence is not always a given. It is a technique that can be improved over time.

Living in the residence halls gives you the opportunity to have year-long activities to keep your mind off of academia. To survive the school year, Simon Leppicello suggests, “Join as many clubs as you can, but when it comes to homework, utilize the week to work on assignments because no one wants to be stuck doing homework on Friday or Saturday, that’s what Sunday’s are for.”

As brutal as it may be at times, homework is valid and assigned for a reason. Isaac Eugster, a sophomore, remarks that “Manipulating your brain to do a little homework at a time will push you the furthest with your academics. Start with five minutes, five more minutes, ten more, and wait until you’ve completed the work and you’re all set for a weekend of relaxation.”

Procrastinating tends to get the best of each college student but to defeat it, use your time wisely. Sophomore, Mitchel Hall, discusses the use of break’s in your day, “It’s easy to sit on your phone when you have an hour before class, but instead, ask yourself what homework you could be doing so you don’t have to worry about it that night. What could you be doing better to make it easier for you in the long run?”

Surviving college is more than just tips. It’s an everyday goal you must set for yourself. Taking time for self-care and living a life outside of the textbooks gives you the character you need for when you step off of this campus. Until then, keep up good study habits, get involved, and reward yourself from time to time.


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