Ask 5: How Do You Survive Finals Week?

Sam Stroozas, Staff Reporter

Finals are just around the corner at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and the air is buzzing with stressed and sleep-deprived students. The Racquet sat down with five UWL students and asked them what their tips are for surviving finals.  

Sophia Jaume a UWL sophomore shares her methods of coping with the horror finals may be for some people, “Finals tend to be a living nightmare for me. I don’t handle them the best, so I am not the right person to ask. Regardless, I cry and I scream and take lots of breaks to watch Vice. Hopefully this process helps some students even though I do not think it helps me.” 

Although Jaume stresses about finals she did have an optimistic final comment, “You need to prioritize. If you do, things will fall into place better. Pick what you need even if it may not seem as the right thing, you know what you need to get done better than anyone else.” 

Physics major and sophomore Dylan Schock will be one of the many UWL students taking finals that are unforgivingly difficult. Shock stated, “I try not to worry about my exams, but in the end, they do create nerves for students.” 

Schock explained that for many students, the nervous tension that accumulates all week is overwhelming. Shock added, “Time management helps me decide what to work on first and when. I like to study in the wee hours of the morning because that is when I focus best. I need to be motivated to do my work, or else the studying will not help.” 

Current freshmen, Sam Butler, lacked finals experience but had motivation to share for other students, “I think I am going to try not to procrastinate for my exams. Instead of cramming, I will be studying more incrementally.” 

Sara Schmidt, a sophomore, disclosed her negative beliefs on finals. Schmidt said, “I try to focus but I feel like it is too late for me. Although, if I was trying harder, I would be sleeping in a timely schedule to feel more focused. I love calling home and having my family help me out with my stress levels. Believing in yourself is the root of having a successful finals week.” 

Allison Lemke, a junior at UWL had comments on the dreaded week that final has come to be, “Finals do matter, but in the grand scheme of things they are not the number one priority. Your mental health comes first – always.” 

Reiterating comments that the other students also had, Lemke stated, “Sleep when you can, even if it is a short nap. Make sure to have snacks with you in case you do not have time for a meal. Pace yourself!” 

Finals Week at UWL will be sure to stress many students, but mental health is priority. Visit the Zen Den, or the Counseling and Testing center in Centennial Hall to destress. 

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