Ask 5: UWL Students Tell Their Future Plans

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Rachel Mergen, Staff Reporter

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As the semester comes to an end and graduation grows closer, most students on campus have taken a moment to examine their future and wonder what will come next after university, even if they are not graduating this cold spring.

Some have decided to take the opportunity to focus on thinking about a future career, others have more original plans in mind.

“In the next couple of years, I plan on buying a van, renovating it and living in that. Then, after graduation, going to Alaska and living in that,” Sophomore Spencer Jankowski declared. He is currently working towards a degree in marketing.

Following traditional plans more closely, Matthew Granberg said that after receiving a degree in recreational management, “I’m hoping to work for the park and recreation department.”

“I plan to graduate hopefully on time and go to graduate school,” Freshman Lydia Lacost mentioned. She looks to search for a career afterward that suits her future psychology degree. “It’s a rather loose plan.”

On the other side of the spectrum, senior Derek said, “It’s tough. I’m still unsure. I’m a senior right now, so I’m looking for a job. I guess probably just find a job.” He has found himself ready to graduate with a degree in econ and finance.

Even those who have not finalized a major decision quite yet have begun examining their plans for after graduation. Undecided freshman Rebekah Birschbach answered, “Well, I’m pre-chiropractic, so I’m planning on going to graduate school.”

With the students’ answers in mind, it can be seen that planning out a future after graduation is complex, no matter the point a student is at in school or in life as a whole. There seems to be no perfect time to make such an important decision, and the pressure is on everyone.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse spring graduates are preparing to take on the world. They will be walking across the stage to receive their well-deserved degrees on May 13.

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