Ask 5: Students share their favorite part of fall

Chantal Zimmermann, Staff Reporter

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As the leaves change from lush green to beautiful vibrant oranges, yellows and reds, students reflect on their favorite part of fall here at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

The vast amount of activities ranging from bluff hikes to rollerblading in the marsh give students a multitude of options on a crisp autumn day. Students are enjoying the nice breeze and are thankful for the colors that this season has to offer.

“I like to have campfires. I like to be outside in the cool weather, have s’mores and sit by the fire,” said junior Linkon Foley. The weather is a great time to grab a group of friends and sit by a nice toasty campfire, as shown by the many students taking advantage of this opportunity.

Foley continued to comment that he has had two campfires this year in La Crosse and has had a great time with friends while keeping warm. Foley isn’t the only student that is engaging in fun fall activities.

Senior Julia Jensen commented, “I like the crisp weather, bonfires and I enjoy going to the football games.”

Whether it is a couple hours watching a football game or just walking around outside, the students are soaking up the outdoor activities in the fresh fall air. Coordinating with the weather, students have switched out their short-sleeved shirts with comfortable fall sweaters.

“My favorite part of fall is the clothes and the weather outside,” said senior Meghan Mueller. She continued to explain that she likes to run outside in the fall, which is her favorite fall activity.

Senior Chris Khuong shares Mueller’s view on the cool weather fall has to offer. He said, “I like walking around and enjoying the weather and scenery.”

Although there are many options for activities during the fall, students were content with what nature had to offer. The crisp air and changing leaves have provided an enjoyable few weeks so far at UWL.

“My favorite part of fall would probably be all the leaves falling down and the leaves changing color and it getting a little colder,” said senior Katie Schulte. She continued to elaborate that she likes to go to the apple orchard during the fall with her friends.

Unfortunately, the fall season is coming to an abrupt halt with the frigid air of winter making its presence known. Students are enjoying the colorful leaves before the trees are left bare and the grass is covered with white fluffy snow.

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