Student-Athletes of the Week: Andrew Jarrett and Emma Gamoke

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Student-Athletes of the Week: Andrew Jarrett and Emma Gamoke

Trevor Kliebenstein, Sports Reporter

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On Feb. 12, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Eagles basketball guard freshman Emma Gamoke and track and field weight thrower junior Andrew Jarrett were announced as the student-athletes of the week.

Andrew Jarrett

During the Midwest ELITE Invitational on Feb. 9, Jarrett won the weight throw, which helped lead the Eagles Track and Field Team to win the title. By throwing a 66-8 in the invitation, he now ranks first in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) and second nationally. Last season, he won the Division Three National Championship in the weight throw.

Jarrett attributes his consistent success to the high expectations he has had at UWL ever since he stepped onto campus. He said, “UWL has high expectations for excellence, especially on the track team. The coaches and the upperclassmen, when I was a freshman, made it a standard that you can achieve excellence no matter what you are and where you start.”

Jarrett also credited the coaching staff, saying, “We have an amazing coaching staff at UWL. Phil, the throwers’ coach, is an amazing coach and he knows what he’s doing and we’re really lucky to have him.”

Jarrett can be found in the weight room all five days of the week, all while following a daily calorie-count as well. He said, “Four days out of five days of the week, we have a lift which usually encompasses four or five exercises and some of those are supersets. One day of the week we do strength, conditioning and recovery.”

“[My meal plan] consists of a lot of protein. I eat 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day just because we burn so much when we lift and when we throw. We have to keep putting on muscle mass and putting on weight,” Jarrett said regarding his eating habits.

He also has big goals during the next two years, which include winning another national championship both individually and as a team. He also would like to break the school record for weight throw of 21.04 meters this year, and break the NCAA Division Three record of 21.75 meters next year as well.

To achieve those goals, Jarrett said he will “keep working hard and doing the work that Phil, my coach, gives us.”

“While we strive for excellence in sport we also strive for excellence in school,” Jarrett stated. Jarrett is majoring in geography with a minor in Earth science. He realizes he must successfully balance his athletic and academic life during his time here at UWL.

He said, “I have study buddies who are from the track team and we work together on certain projects, especially when we are in the same class. We’re really supportive of each other when it comes to academics.”

Jarrett has numerous hobbies outside of his events in track and field, some of which include being part of UWL Residence Life and helping first-year residents. Additionally, Jarrett loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking or canoeing. His favorite place in La Crosse is the hiking trails in the bluffs, while his favorite places to eat are Fayze’s, Polito’s Pizza, The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor and Howie’s.

Jarrett competes next with the Eagles Track and Field Team at the WIAC Indoor Championships in Whitewater. The championship meet will last two days and will occur Feb. 22-23.

Emma Gamoke

On Feb. 9, Gamoke scored a career high 34 points while finishing with four rebounds and four steals in a 62-50 victory at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The Eagles Women’s Basketball Team went 2-0 last week with Gamoke averaging 22 points, five rebounds and two steals. With nine three-pointers in the matchup against Eau Claire, she set a school record and tied the WIAC three-point record for most three pointers in a game.

“It felt really good to score 34 points, but I give a lot of the credit to my teammates and coaches because they were the ones who got me in a position to score,” said Gamoke.

Gamoke, explaining how her talent in the sport developed, said, “I spent my summers in high school traveling all over to play in [Amateur Athletic Union] tournaments. I played against, and with, incredible players that are now playing [with] division one and division two schools, so I knew what to expect for the most part.”

She added that her teammates, especially the upperclassmen, helped her adapt to the college level when workouts and practices started at the beginning of the season.

Gamoke attributes her early success playing for UWL to her coaches, teammates and parents.

“My coaches have helped me grow basketball-wise mentally and physically tremendously, and they put me in positions to be successful and they believe me,” said Gamoke regarding the UWL women’s basketball coaching staff.

Speaking of her teammates, she said, “My teammates always have my back no matter what happens, and they push me every day to make me a better player.”

About her family, Gamoke said, “My parents continue to support me every single day in every aspect of my life.”

As of now, Gamoke is an exercise and sports science major. In her future, she would love to work with athletes as a career.

She explained, “In order to successfully balance school and basketball here at UWL, I make sure I don’t get behind in classes and use the free time I do have to do homework and study.”

Outside of basketball, Gamoke enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, friends and teammates. Gamoke’s favorite restaurant in La Crosse is the Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern.

Gamoke and the UWL Women’s Basketball Team finish their regular season slate Saturday, Feb. 16, at home against the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Tip-off is at 3 p.m. in Mitchell Hall.

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