Spring 2019 biographies for student association president and vice president candidates

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Spring 2019 biographies for student association president and vice president candidates

Photo taken by Sam Stroozas

Photo taken by Sam Stroozas

Photo taken by Sam Stroozas

Photo taken by Sam Stroozas

Christopher Paul, Guest Contributor

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Candidates for President: 

Sita Agterberg (Running on an executive ticket with Olivia Woodmansee 

 My name is Sita and I’m excited to be running for Student Association President for the 2019-2020 school year. I am a junior majoring in biology with a minor in psychology on the pre physical therapy track. 

I have served as inclusivity director for a year on Student Association. As inclusivity director, I worked closely with representative Jill Billings and administration to create a more inclusive campus at UWL. I also serve as recorder on Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee (AIDAC). AIDAC allows for students to have a voice when allocating differential tuition. Outside of Student Association, I serve as volunteer coordinator for UWL Habitat for Humanity. In my role as volunteer coordinator, I have learned how important tenant’s rights and affordable housing are for both community members and students.  

After joining Student Association, I learned how important student voices are on campus. Throughout my time at UWL, I have had a variety of roles in different clubs, and I believe that I can enact the most change through Student Association. I also believe that students deserve a voice on campus, and I want to be able to provide a voice that represents all students.  

I, along with my running mate, Olivia Woodmansee are looking forward to having a large impact on campus. Our goals include making an accountability system for advisors, implementing inclusivity training for faculty and staff at UWL, funding the Student Association Women of Color Scholarship, and fighting for greater tenant rights for those who live off campus. 

I believe that active outreach to students is important. I plan on listening to student’s voices by going into clubs and panels. Olivia and I also want to create a panel of senators where students can come and voice their concerns at least once a semester. One of our goals for next semester is to distribute accurate information about Student Association so our constituents are knowledgeable on the topics that we discuss every week.  

Mitch Bunting (Running on an executive ticket with Samantha Wolfe)  

 I am a Junior majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry on the pre-dental track. I serve many leadership roles on campus including the Chair of COVE Council, an executive board member for Students for Sustainability, and the current Green Fund Coordinator among others. I have been indirectly involved in Student Senate through my Green Fund position, which has allowed me to see how the Senate operates and inspired me to bring a new perspective to the table as the student body president. My leadership style is one that is inclusive and informal in a way that I am easily approachable to students from all backgrounds.  

As the student body president, I would create an inclusive and sustainable campus where students not only feel as though they are capable of voicing their opinions, but that their opinions will be heard and acted upon as well. 

Michael Meyers  

 Mike Meyers is from the small town of Jefferson, Wisconsin. He has had an interest in Politics since a young age when his dad introduced him to the world of Politics and political history. In elementary school, he would carry around a pocket-sized book filled with trivia about the U.S. Presidents. Still a trivia freak to this day, you can find Mike on most Thursday nights playing trivia at Howie’s. After hitting a slump sophomore year, Mike studied in a Frankfurt, Germany for a semester and has returned for his Senior year with a renewed energy. 

Candidates for Vice President:  

Samantha Wolfe (Running on an executive ticket with Mitch Bunting)  

I am a third-year student studying biology with an emphasis in environmental science with a minor in Spanish. I have been involved in the student organization Students for Sustainability for most of my time at UWL and have served as Publicity Coordinator for one year and now as a Co-chair for the organization. My current role in Student Association is Sustainability Director in the executive cabinet.  

I was inspired to run for vice president through my current involvement in Student Association. I have learned a lot about the university this year and have my own ideas about how to continue to improve UWL for our students. I would like to centralize students’ sustainability efforts and eliminate single use plastics on campus. I would also like to increase visibility of student senators through events to connect them with their constituents, so they can effectively represent students.  

As president of the senate, I want to maintain order in Senate meetings so that we may quickly and effectively work through the topics on our agenda. To best represent my constituents, I would like to connect with students by tabling and holding interactive events. I want to be transparent with the student body about Student Association’s work to fulfill the role of Vice President of Student Association in an ethical manner. 

Olivia Woodmansee (Running on an executive ticket with Sita Agterberg 

Currently, I serve as a Senator for the College of Science and Health where I and seven other students represent everyone in the College of Science and Health. Additionally, the past two years I have been a member of the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC) and currently serve as the chair. This committee looks at the Segregated Fees all UWL students pay (roughly $1,200 per student) every year and the budgets associated with these fees. This committee is also in charge of oversight of the Green Fund. In addition to this I serve as the Secretary on the Student Services and Buildings Committee which looks at Dining Services and building implementation. 

Throughout my two years on campus I have had the great fortune to work closely with Student Association in various capacities, and even closer with the Executive Team. I believe I have the correct skill set for this position as I am diligent and have a fierce work mentality. In addition to this, I currently have a deep knowledge of the position from both my role on Student Senate and my role as an Administrative Assistant for University Centers, where I am the direct liaison for Student Association. I also would foster a Student Senate which can create a positive impact on campus. I am excited to take every idea Student Senators have and help put them into action. 

I am excited to be running with Sita Agterberg and I believe the two of us can make a large impact on this campus through the ideas we currently have, and our constant absorption of new ideas. Our goals for the academic year are to create an accountability system for advisors, implement inclusivity training for faculty and staff at UWL, facilitate a Womyn of Color Scholarship, and fight for greater tenant rights for those who live off campus. With Student Senate specifically, I hope to create an inclusive group who will create a positive change on campus. I plan to do this by fostering ideas within the Senate and continually following up with Senators about ideas they present. 

I know that representing over 10,000 student voices is not a task that I can do alone. This is why I will be making it my goal to ensure Student Senators are doing robust outreach towards their constituents and the student body so that all voices are accurately heard, and that we have an informed student body at UWL. Creating an inclusive space is a goal of mine because I believe this space is the safest and most effective way to foster ideas. I hope to make sure that I have several open lines of communication so that students can always feel welcome to contact me with anything. 



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