UW-L earns diversity award second year running

Haley Sites, Staff Reporter

UW-La Crosse, along with 82 other universities in the United States, has been awarded with the HEED award for 2014 and will be recognized in the November issue of INSIGHT into Diversity.

For the second year in a row, UW-L was awarded with the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity award.  This award is given to businesses and institutions that have gone above and beyond with their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

To receive the award, there is an application process. The application form for universities includes questions such as: what type of school is applying, how many students are enrolled there, the breakdown of gender and ethnicity and the types of opportunities for students. Section 13 on the sample application asks, “Does your school have a dedicated web page for any of the following? Check all that apply.” UW-L was able to check yes for the Affirmative Action Office, Diversity Office, an office for LGBT students, an office for students with disabilities and an office for veterans.

INSIGHT into Diversity is a magazine that “connects diverse professionals to diverse careers.” They are partnered with programs ranging from Women in Higher Education, to Campus Pride and American Institute for Managing Diversity.

UW-L Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Barbara Stewart stated, “I think our success is largely because of the wide-spread campus involvement and support surrounding diversity and inclusion.”

With over 80 Ethnic and Racial Studies minors, over 15 diversity and inclusion organizations on campus and way more students involved in some way, it is apparent why UW-L was not only a great candidate for this award, but a recipient

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