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Letter to the Editor: Vote on the upcoming Green Fund referendum

Image retrieved from @uwlsustainability Instagram page.

Do you ever wonder how sustainable projects like the OZZI machines, solar panels and drift cycles came to fruition? The answer is the University of Wisconsin La Crosse’s Green Fund!

The Green Fund was created by students in 2008 through a student-led referendum. Students wanted to see more sustainable initiatives at UWL. The Green Fund is a reserve of funds, that come from student’s segregated fees (approximately $10 per student per year), that are dedicated to funding environmentally savvy projects across campus.

Because the Green Fund was created by referendum that means it needs to be revoted on every 5 years and Fall 2023 is the next reauthorization. That means the whole student body has the opportunity to vote to keep the Green Fund at UWL.

So why should you vote yes?

The Green Fund has accomplished a lot over the last 15 years. Here are some highlights:

  • Countless updates to buildings on campus that students use daily to make them more environmentally friendly

  • Hiring UWL’s FIRST EVER full-time staff dedicated to sustainability

  • Created internships for students to gain experience

  • Sustainable transportation initiatives (Green Bikes, Drift Cycle, etc.)

  • Brought the OZZI machines to campus to create a sustainable way to take food to go

  • Created a 77-panel solar array on top of the REC Center that saves 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly

  • Brought many environmental speakers to campus for students to hear and learn from (Rob Greenfield, Jonathan Foley, Robin Wall Kimmerer coming in Spring 2024)

Voting yes means that you are saying yes to continue funding projects like these that impact students daily and save tons of natural resources at UWL.

Voting yes says that you care about increasing awareness of sustainable issues at UWL.

Voting yes says that you recognize the need for the Green Fund at UWL to take steps towards progress and help us to become a leader among the UW-System.

Students can vote through a link they will receive via-email tomorrow Oct. 11, which will direct them to their myorgs page.

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