Creative Imperatives- A UWL Spring Festival

Sam Stroozas, Staff Reporter

Creative Imperatives is soon approaching at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and The Racquet sat down with student coordinator, Sarah Daentl to discuss what exactly Creative Imperatives is and why UWL students might want to participate. 

UWL Creative Imperatives is a 2-day festival that the students and staff of the School of Arts and Communications puts on in late February.  Daentl said, “This is the 5th year in a row that the festival has taken place, and it has turned into a budding tradition here on campus. Creative Imperatives will be taking place on February 26th and 27th in the Center for the Arts Building.  Most music workshops will take place in Annett Recital Hall in the CFA and all open studios are in the CFA, except for Photography which is in the basement of Wings. There are some sessions taking place in Centennial Hall as well. ” 

Daentl added, “The festival itself was established to promote the creative/scholarly works of faculty, students, and staff in the School of Arts and Communication, [to] invigorate dialogue about the Arts and its importance in our society by bringing in featured guests to help start the conversation, [and] showcase innovative and thought-provoking performances, presentations, lectures, and exhibitions to the UWL student body and the residents of the greater La Crosse area. The festival is open to anyone and everyone.” 

Daentl believes students should take interest for many reasons, “Students have this amazing opportunity to come into the Open Art Studios and see for themselves what art students are doing at UWL.  There are workshops being held that promote music and theatre as well.” 

The theme for Creative Imperatives this year is “Revolutions.” Daentl explained, “This means the festival will be heavily talking about how Technology has played a positive or maybe negative impact the way we communicate, express ourselves, create art, and appreciate the fine arts. We think this theme will really resonate with students because technology affects all of us, regardless of where we come from or what degree program we are at UWL for. “ 

Daentl said the most familiar faces will be professors, “Brad Nichols, Joel Elgin, Karen Terpstra, Jennifer Terpstra, and Kathleen Hawks just to name a few. From the technology department at UWL, Shawn Fredrick will be presenting about the 3D printer we have on campus.  From the Theatre Department, Joe Anderson will be doing a presentation about how technology (specifically airbrushing) has been changing the game for makeup artists and makeup design.”   

Daentl explained further that professors from many departments make an appearance, “From the Psychology Department Ellen Rozek will be showing a documentary called CyberSeniors that explores the technology use of senior citizens compared to youth. From the Music department, Johnathan Borja will be working with students and guest artist Ken Steen to create a unique musical piece as well as presenting the final product. From the CST department Wendi Bellar will be discussing apps, and Greg Ormes will be lecturing about cyberbullying in the digital age.” 

Rozek commented, “Drs. Erica Srinivasan, Dawn Norris, and I are going to screen the documentary, CyberSeniors, and host a discussion about the role technology can play in inter-generational relationships. As faculty members involved in the UWL Gerontology Emphasis, we believe it is important for people of all ages to interact. All of us can benefit from contact with people who are at different life stages and who can bring new perspectives to our lives.”

From the Music department, Johnathan Borja will be working with students and guest artist Ken Steen to create a unique musical piece as well as presenting the final product. From the CST department Wendi Bellar will be discussing apps, and Greg Ormes will be lecturing about cyberbullying in the digital age.”

Daentl noted, “This event isn’t just for people good at the Arts.  I think it’s important for people to learn and appreciate the work other students and staff are doing on campus.” 

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